The moment you begin gathering assets, such as a home or car, is the time to begin thinking about your will, and you simply cannot have this critical legal document made a moment too soon. This is arguably one of the most important things you can do both for your family and yourself, and it can be a powerful tool to help your family handle any debts after your passing. This is your chance to spell out exactly how you want your burial to be handled, assets to be distributed, and debts to be paid after you pass on.

Distributing Estate

A will is a legally binding document created to make clear how you plan to have your estate handled upon the event of your death. If you die without a will, there is no guarantee that the people you intended the estate to be given to will receive it or that any of your wishes will be carried out. Having a will can minimise any disagreements or disputes inside the family about your estate, and it can also determine the “who, what, and when” of your estate.


One key reason you need to have a professional on your side when writing a will is that a probate in Bedfordshire will prove the validity of the will. If you were to do the work on your own, even if your assets are relatively few and seemingly simple to manage, a single mistake could invalidate the entire document. Probate professionals take their job very seriously, and they will pore over your will during every single step of the process to ensure the finished product is a binding and valid document.

Save Time

Some people do their own will writing and then go to a probate professional after the fact, but this is just as frustrating, and often less cost-effective, than you think. Contrary to misconceptions, all estates go through a probate process, whether or not there is a will present. Having a will that is valid and complete will ensure the probate process is not only faster and easier, but the court will know from the start what you wish to be done with your estate.

Estate Taxes

A legally binding will that is well-written and validated can also help you minimise your estate taxes. The value of what you bequeath family members, friends, or charities will reduce the value of your estate when it is time to pay taxes. This should reduce financial burdens and allow for a more flexible plan moving forward.

Your Wishes

A professional can simply ensure your wishes are carried out to the letter after your passing, which is not even remotely guaranteed if you do your will on your own. The dedicated men and women behind this service want to see that the people you love get what you believe they deserve of your estate. Without the help of such professionals, part of your estate could be lost to the government, or worse, go to someone whom you planned to keep out of your will for any one reason.

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