Selling is sometimes just as much an art form as it is a job. Anyone who has ever had to manage a group of salespeople can tell you instantly why this is so. It might be that the brightest sales staff in your team is just plain good with people, but it can be other things as well. One element that is beginning to be appreciated more and more by smart sales managers is the use of team software, like the kind that AlfaPeople sell, to help a team work smarter as well as faster. So, what exactly does a piece of software such as the Dynamics 365 sales software do for a sales team? Well, a lot of things actually.

Collaboration Tool

As you can well imagine, one of the biggest advantages to using sales software as a team is to allow the team to collaborate, especially on the day by day projects. When everyone is on the same page regarding what a client needs, or a potential client is looking for, the whole team can make that sale happen. While the traditional model for most sales teams is to create competition between the various sales team members, software of this sort gives teams the hidden edge of team collaboration.

Staying Up to Date

If you ask any sales person what is the most wasteful part of their job, they will probably tell you it is the weekly update meetings. But when you use collaborative software that shares the entire team’s goals and accomplishments, everyone stays up to date on every aspect of the sales team’s projects. From finding out how that latest pitch has gone to getting numbers on current projects, being connected through a platform designed for sales means fewer meetings and more time spent with clients solving problems.

Keeping Management in the Loop

Whenever a sales team member has a crash and burn problem, you can bet that some of the problem came from management being out of the loop on what was happening. This is why the best collaborative software keeps management in the loop and ready to answer questions when they come up from the team at large.

Find What You Need Instantly

More than with any other type of service, sales staff need to have answers to a client’s query quickly. If they have software that can give them the answer and let them see the history of queries from this customer, they can give them the information they need and understand why they need it as well. Having a software that provides a database of client information, including past interactions, is like having the entire sales team there in the office right with you.

While software can’t solve every problem, a sales team may run into, it can certainly make finding those solutions fasters and easier than ever. In this age of instant information, it shouldn’t be surprising that the on last bastion of personal interaction, sales, is now relying more and more on digital interfaces to help them service their clients.

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