The central focal exterior point of our house is the entrance door and windows that reflect its style and play a significant role in the whole perceived value. Is their aesthetic function the key factor of our choice? The most homeowners choosing the material for door or window framing take into account not only the architectural style of the building but the climatic conditions of the home, the entrance of natural light, security and interior space functionality, acceptable level of insulation and quality-to-cost ratio.

An increasingly upward trend of window and door framing for contemporary buildings of different types is aluminium windows and doors. If you are going to upgrade the levels of security, insulation or aesthetics, aluminium is your top choice. Since its older styles of the 70- 80s, the modern design has significantly changed. Nowadays manufacturers produce lightweight, durable and easy to maintain options that represent slim, streamlined aesthetic, ideal for contemporary designs.

Installing aluminium door or window you will obtain:

  • Energy efficiency

Such window and door framing ensures better level of wind, water and air-tightness for maximum in-house energy efficiency, therefore, your home will be well-insulated and warmer and your energy bills will be lower.

  • Durability, strength and low maintenance  

Its perfect resistance to UV rays, solid properties and durability make it an excellent solution for different weather conditions from harsh sunlight to damp and rainy or severe frosts. Aluminium will not warp, rust, rot, crack, bend or discolour. However, it’s not only recommended in beach homes as it can suffer corrosion from salt water and air that affects hardware operation and frame performance. In addition, it does not require substantial maintenance, only regular cleaning.

  • More glass area and slimmer frames

The strength of aluminium allows to hold the glass with less framing material, so it makes it possible to design narrower frame profiles with slimmer, sleeker lines or bigger sizes of windows and doors with the better outdoor view, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Nowadays you can get framing with horizontal sliding, top-hung and side-hung windows, fold-a-side and sliding doors, plus a range of complementary sidelights for ideal design versatility.

– Cost-effectiveness

Nowadays it is the most budget-friendly option, as the average cost of aluminium window or door framing will be the most economical choice.

The strength of aluminum has made it timeless choice of architects and homeowners for window and door framings.

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