White magic originated from Ancient Greece and Egypt. People used magic to connect with higher power: spirits, gods and goddesses. White magic is associated with light, holiness and purity; usually is used to perform magicspells that don’t harm anyone. Wiccans, spell casters and spiritual workers offer white magic services that include love, money and protection spells.

The white magic was found by a man called Magus, an astrologist in the XIV century. An important point to consider is that ancient white magic differs from modern one. A good example of it is the Egyptian witchcraft that had a big variety of gods and goddesses. Ancient Egyptians got their beliefs from the Pre-Christian religions and Paganism. White magic was also associated with female power and included feminine concepts of Mother Goddess and Kindly Grandmother. This is one of the reasons why the female figure was superior to the men’s in Egypt. For example, Isis – the goddess of fertility and love –was a powerful component in Egyptian love spells that were considered the most powerful of all. Egyptian witchcraft included written spells and amulets to increase the power of magic. The Egyptians were famous for using crystals and magic stones as mediators between the human world and the cosmic power. They also believed that after death the soul goes to a divine space somewhere in the universe.  Maybe, this belief is related with the Christian learnings about everlasting soul that lives near God.


In 2009, R.M.Place in his book Magic and Alchemy wrote about the modern definition of white or high magic, and black or low magic based onthe intentions of the oneemploying them. The white magic was believed to get people into high state of mind, as was mostly concerning on the positive purpose; the dark or black magic, on the opposite, lowersperson’s intentions and so belongs to the harmful type.

Nowadays, there are lots of white magic spells that are performed by the spell casters, one of these famous spell casters lives in Europe you can find out more about her service called “Partnerrückführung ” where she helps retrieving a lost partner, practices voodoo and other love spells that may work in certain situations on her website and homepage which is at http://www.partnerrueckfuehrung24.com/. Usually, a spell caster needs to have a proper training in order to practice any type of magic. If the person doesn’t havesuch a certificate, you shouldn’t hire him/her, because the lower is the knowledge of the spell caster, the worst results from the spell you will get. It’s important to verify the qualification of a spell caster, but not only: you should pay attention on his reputation among the the people, that means, visit certified esoteric forums where you could read people’s comments and reviews. Of course, when choosing a spell caster, you should rely on your own intuition, but someone’s good advice could also give a good guidance.

So, a white spell caster should know how to perform all the white spells correctly; for this, he needs to have a lotof knowledge and a good practice; a very good intuition and communication skills.  A real spell caster would be able to clarify all your questions about the spell; he/she will warn you about all the consequences of the performed spell. But it’s not necessary to hire someone to put a spell – if you have enough knowledge and practice, you could do it by yourself. Again, take in count that every spell is, basically,  a powerful energy that connects your chakras and the energy of the universe together, forming a certain result; so, make sure you really want it and only then start. White magic was and still is considered as one of the most powerful magic types that can change person’s life. A white witch uses his/her abilities towards good and would never harm anyone.

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