Whether you are hauling equipment, tools, crew, or all three and more to a job site, versatility is essential for your vehicle. And the vehicle you select needs to sufficiently handle all of the tasks pertaining to your work. Which one is best for your business depends on a variety of factors, and pickups and cargo vans each have their own set of unique advantages.

Pickup Truck

First of all, being able to cart a load of raw materials is a big plus if you’re working in construction of any kind. Whether it’s wood, tiles, shingles, or anything else, a truck bed is very useful. But if you need room for more equipment and tools than the truck can carry, you will need to hitch a trailer and tow it along to the job site. Also, equipment, tools and other gear are exposed to the weather in the flat bed. This can cause additional wear and tear leading to premature replacement.

While pickup trucks are popular for their affordability, they have limited seating for crew members. There is also limited room for equipment even with full use of their bed. But for towing and carting raw materials to a jobsite, pickups are a good option.


  • 5th wheel or gooseneck hitch compatible
  • Truck bed can be used for raw materials


  • Limited seating
  • Less space for equipment
  • Less secure

Cargo Van

If you have equipment and supplies that can be damaged by the weather or need to transport two or more crew members to a job site, a cargo van, like the ProMaster van upfit is definitely the best choice. Not only will you be able to upfit the van to suit your exact needs of your business, all of your equipment will be totally protected from the elements at all times. Not only will you have more space, it will be more secure too. Cargo vans are the best choice for a variety of industries including delivery services, caterers and installers, to name a few.

And more room for equipment means not having to tow a trailer full of cargo for larger loads. The sides of a cargo van are much larger than a pick-up truck so you will have more room for logos and contact information which is a great way to advertise your business.


  • Can be upfit to meet business needs
  • More room for equipment
  • Can be used for storage
  • Equipment is protected from weather
  • Transports more passengers


  • Van may not be suitable for hauling raw materials
  • Not designed for heavy towing

With FR Conversions crew cab van upfit, you can have room for your equipment and an entire crew as well. It’s a two-in-one combination vehicle that will allow you to take everything you need to your jobsite including a crew of 6.

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