Golf clubs are typically an expensive purchase, especially for players who do not play as much, so you need to keep them in the best possible condition. Besides the financial responsibility to keep your clubs covered, covers also keep them looking great and functioning properly. Although there isn’t a set rule of which clubs to cover with headcovers, there are some common guidelines. 

The Driver

Just about anyone who has a driver usually uses a headcover. This is typically the most expensive club in the bag, so you need to protect it as much as possible. Driver head covers come in all shapes and sizes, and there are a number of different materials used. With the onset of oversized clubheads and high-quality titanium and graphite shafts, the function of the cover has changed. Rather than a simple sock over the top, many current styles offer layers of protection around the clubhead. The covers extend downward to also protect the shaft. Image result for Which Golf Clubs Need Covers

By providing additional layers, your clubs will be less inclined to be nicked by debris or banged on by the other clubs. The shaft itself plays a key role in your success. The headcover protects the shaft from being dented which could impact your success on the course. 

The Fairway Metals

These clubs should also be covered for your own protection. If you play in a cart, all of your clubs are much more susceptible to nicks and scratches. The fairway woods will easily bang against each other throughout the duration of the round, so you should use headcovers to keep them in excellent condition.

The Irons and Wedges

The irons are not typically covered by most players. This may be due to the steel shafts that most players use. These clubs are also used more often, and it’s easier just to get one out without having to worry about the headcover coming off. When you have to keep pace with the group ahead, it’s important to be ready for your shot. This means that the cover takes up more time, and you will most likely not consider using other clubs once the cover is removed. The covers for irons are usually a sturdy rubber material, and it’s very possible for them to slip right off during transport.


Hybrid clubs often come with the headcovers included. Again, these clubs often have the graphite shaft and may cost more money than traditional irons by the same company. If the covers come with the clubs, you may as well use them because there is a reason the company went the extra distance to provide them to you.

The Putter

Your putter is the club you have to depend on to score your best, so it should have a cover at all times. Even a small ding on the face could result in your birdie putt going slightly off line. Like the hybrids, many putters now come with the covers, so just use it.

There is enough to learn when it comes to golf and you might feel like you need to go to golf college to be the best player you can be. Hopefully these tips gave you a little insight on how to protect your clubs.

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