The fantasy sports market is growing at a rapid pace and so is the concern about the future of betting in it, which is right now, legal. There are lots of people both supporting this betting and those against it. Those who believe that legalising betting is not good for the health of the sports argue that it dehumanises athletes and also leads to the rampant corruption of the future generations. The gambling fans, however, don’t share such concerns for the sanctity of athletes.

Gambling has always been an inseparable part of big-time sports, though most of the time illegally. Though the right gambling figures are not known, it is estimated that in the US alone the illegal betting figures are close to $150 billion annually. These gamblers who bet illegally in real sports have now started paying attention to the fantasy sports games too. If they feel that a specific player alone is enough to handle the big stage, they pick him for the fantasy betting and enter the contest and win thousands.

Now it looks like the lobby that was up for legalisation of sports is getting a foothold. The cash-strapped states are looking at betting as a source of revenue rather than a detriment to the society. The government is thinking of bringing a bill to make it legal. All this indicates that the future of fantasy sports is going to be safe and the industry can continue to thrive.

Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey was of the opinion that the laws need to take a wholesome review about how things can work towards creating a fair playing field for both the offline and online gambling scenes. The laws should be devised in such a manner that they create an atmosphere of both integrity and accountability.

The fantasy sports industry today is the right example of how sports can grow. It offers the model as well as the cautionary tale of how something can grow vast. Today there is a large market for both fantasy sports and gambling.

Many big names in betting feel that it’s online that the action is going to increase further. In future, it is expected that fantasy sports betting is going to be the part of all major data and telecommunications companies. The major data companies are today in the process of swallowing up a majority of betting operations across the globe. They are providing people with opportunities to get involved with it offering those platforms on mobile devices.

Looking at today’s scenario, it appears that the future of fantasy sports betting is quite safe. The governments are looking at it as a potential revenue stream, while the people are enjoying the fun it provides besides earning good bucks.

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