Exploring another country can be a very fun activity, especially if you’re doing it in a place you’d like to see. Public and private transportation can be a convenient way to go around your country of choice, but be careful as you may get involved in accidents as well. If you get caught in an accident abroad, what exactly should you remember? Here are some tips:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 1.25 million people in fact die of vehicle accidents every year, with 3,400 likely being casualties everyday. Of these numbers, people that often become casualties involve pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists; and vehicles often include cars, bicycles, motorcycles, buses, and trucks. If this trend continues, road accidents will become the seventh leading cause of fatalities worldwide as it is already on the eighth place on the same category today and is also the leading cause of death among individuals aged 15 to 29.


Be Alert, Keep Yourself Safe

Perhaps the most important thing to do thus far is to make sure you’re safe. After the accident, try to compose yourself and check your condition.

  • Are you injured? Are others with you injured? Make sure you’re aware of your sensibilities and get yourself to a safe location before doing anything.
  • Call for assistance immediately, especially if you see that there are other injured people in the scene. Don’t leave the scene of the accident as they may think you’ve done hit and run.

Document, Take Notes

After calling for assistance, try to observe the environment you’re in.

  • If you’re still at the scene of the accident, retrieve as much information as you can from the people around there. Exchange names and contact information with other people involved including witnesses. If there are external factors involved such as vehicles or private property, try to find out who owns those objects, how they are described, and if there are any identification marks in them such as plate numbers.
  • If you have a mobile phone with you, take pictures of the scene as well. This is important if there are other properties involved, and if you’ve acquired injuries, so you are able to get a more accurate sense of what happened during the incident.
  • If you have to be hospitalized because of your injuries, try to see if you can get your own copies of documentation such as reports, prescriptions, and appointments. These may cost a bit from some hospitals, but it’s better to have information like this that are ready for you to use should the need arise.

Communicate With Authorities, Professionals


Of course, it may still be more helpful to communicate with the proper authorities when these matters happen.

  • If you haven’t contacted the police at the time of the accident, please do so in order to notify them of what’s happened. If they arrive, kindly ask for their name and relevant contact details, as well as their badge number. Ask if they can do a police report at the scene as well so you may acquire a copy when it’s done. If this isn’t possible, you may go directly to the station and inquire as to exactly what you should do.
  • If you have the means to call your lawyer, do so in order to get a background on what sort of actions you should do given your situations. Laws are different across countries, but your lawyer might have an idea on how to tackle your situation that would be appropriate for your particular nationality.
  • It may be a good idea to get in touch with your insurer to let them know what’s happened as well. If you haven’t gotten yourself travel insurance or any coverage related to this occurrence as of this reading, now might be a good time to think about getting one.
  • If in case you get yourself in an accident abroad, immediately get in touch with your embassy for the right course of action. While the above did state a lawyer might be of assistance, especially if it’s someone you’ve hired for a while now, knowing protocol straight from the embassy might be of great aid, especially when it comes to getting yourself the right help for your situation.



Remember that while an accident abroad can be an overwhelming thing to deal with, it’s something you can survive given the right perspective and mindset. With these tips above, you can take a step back and assess things from multiple perspectives to know just what to do in the event of an accident abroad. Click here to learn more about pedestrian accidents.

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