If you look through the websites containing complete information about the steroid supplements, then you will notice that there are many names of steroid supplements that are listed under the group “anabolic-androgenic steroids”.

Anabolic- androgenic steroids, also known as AAS are actually the supplements that are derived from testosterone hormone but in different variations. Testosterone hormone is actually synthesized in the testis of men and these days, people have even found synthetic alternative for the naturally producing hormone. Anabolic androgenic steroids are actually the products that are derived from different variations of the testosterone hormone.

Anabolic Steroids and Androgenic Steroids

Androgen product has an important role to play in deciding the influence of androgenic effect in any androgenic steroid supplement. Androgens are actually the key ingredients that are present in any steroid supplement and they are responsible for the development of sexual characters in men.

Anabolic product focuses mainly on increasing the strength and energy buildup in the users. When combined together, the anabolic androgenic effects of the steroid supplements will not help men to develop sexual characteristic features, but also to enhance their muscle strength and stamina.

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Taking Steroid Supplements

Both the bodybuilders and athletes prefer taking anabolic and androgenic supplements either in bulking cycle or in cutting cycle. Here, the steroid supplements will be taken for certain weeks at particular time interval (for about twice or three times a day) at particular dosages. After completing the dosage cycle, the users take a break from the steroid supplement consumption for about two or three weeks and again start with the cutting or bulking cycle.

Sometimes, the steroid supplements that are used for cutting or bulking cycle will be either taken alone or will be stacked with the other steroid supplements, as per the preference of the users. Users usually prefer the most popular anabolic steroids while stacking, as the stacks will provide them the results that they are looking for in each cycle.

Side Effects

It is common that your body suffers from some minor side effects when on steroid cycle. The side effects might include male pattern baldness, headaches, development of acne, and so on.

If you stay within the suggested dosage cycle of any steroid supplement, then you hardly feel the side effects of cutting or bulking cycle. However, if you increase the suggested dosage for obtaining excellent results as early as possible, then there are higher chances of you suffering from severe side effects of steroid supplements.

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