According to Wikipedia there were 30,800 fatal crashes on US roads in 2012 with the number of accidents estimated at being round the half a million mark.  What may be surprising is that this is an improvement on previous years; the number of fatalities is actually decreasing.  There are several reasons for this and it is not a decrease in the number of vehicles on the road!  One of the most obvious reasons is the improvement in safety of both motor vehicles and the rules and regulations of the road.  Another, less known reason is the increase in numbers of good personal injury lawyers, such as Clarke Law.  If you have ever experienced the trauma of claiming compensation after an accident you will not wish to go through the procedure again; it can help you to be more cautious when driving.

However, the fact of the matter is; that no matter how good the safety of cars becomes or how well a personal injury lawyer does their job, there will be accidents.  This is just human nature; even the autonomous cars currently being tested have been known to have accidents!  It is, therefore, essential to know what to do after a motorcycle accident.

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At the Scene

If you are conscious and the other party is then it is important to exchange details, specifically name, address and insurance details.  You should also take a note of their registration and take details of any witnesses.  Of course, if you are incapacitated then you will not be able to do this but it is very likely that the police will attend and obtain the required information for you.  It is important not to admit any blame at this stage; even if you think it was your fault.


If you can leave the scene under your own steam you should still visit your doctor to have a check-up.  It is also important to monitor your body, many aches and pains will not become apparent for twenty four to forty eight hours.  During this initial stage you will need to contact your insurance company and complete the necessary forms.  This will start the process of claiming against the third party, (assuming they were at fault).  You will need to declare any injuries and medical treatment you are having.  The insurance company will deal with the claim on your behalf and obtain the value of your vehicle back from the other party’s insurance firm.

The Personal Injury Lawyer

It is at this stage you will need to contact a good personal injury lawyer.  They can work alongside your insurance company to assist in the initial claim.  They will also deal with the medical professionals on your behalf and pursue the personal injury claim to ensure you are compensated for any loss of income, your medical bills and any ongoing treatment needs you may have.

The earlier you contact a personal injury lawyer the easier it will be for them to ensure you receive a positive outcome and obtain the funds which will make a difference to your recovery.


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