Rubbish removal services are important in both residential and commercial settings. However, it is important that you choose the right company. When you come across a company, it is important that you ask the right questions to evaluate whether they are perfect for your needs or not. Here are the different types of questions you should ask rubbish removal services in Sydneybefore you hire their services.

Questions to Ask

  • Type of Garbage You Handle: There are waste elimination companies that offer full range of services and then there are those that specialise in specific types of wastes. Ask a company about whether they can handle the type of waste you produce or not. If you have hazardous waste like paints, chemicals, and batteries, you should hire a company that can specifically handle this type of trash. They will not just have the equipment and vehicles for handling such materials; they will also have the licenses for it.
  • Recycling Services: Ask the garbage dumping services if they provide recycling services. While some companies have their own recycling facilities, others have relationships with recycling centres. It is even better to hire a service that follows green processes. They have processes in place for both recycling and reusing waste.
  • Speed of Services: If you need to remove a pile-up of waste, you are going to need quick services. Ask the company how quickly they can arrange a pickup if you need to remove garbage immediately. The company’s resources and the amount of business they have are going to affect this. Look for a company that has the equipment, vehicles, and labour for providing quick services.
  • Insurance: Ask the service if they are fully insured to provide their services on client premises. Ask them if your property gets damaged while providing services, which is going to be responsible for it. Chose only insured rubbish disposal services otherwise; any damage to your property can mean that your insurance will have to pay for it. Are their employees covered under insurance? You don’t want to be responsible if they get injured while removing your garbage.
  • Pricing: Also ask the company how they price their services. Different services can have different types of price packages. This mostly depends on the kind of services you are going to need. The prices for routine removal will be different compared to on-demand services. Do they provide free estimates? Are there any hidden charges? Does their price estimate include everything from labour to taxes? You want to choose a professional company that doesn’t hide anything.
  • Dumpsters: Do the waste dumping services provide a dumpster rental service? You may never know when you are going to need it. The dumpster can be rented and filled up gradually when you are moving or when cleaning your home or office. Such a service can save time and hassles. It can also protect your items by avoiding it from being kept outdoors.

So make sure to ask all these questions when choosing the right service. Look for a fully-licensed company that has years of experience and offers full range of services for residential and commercial rubbish removal services.


When looking for the right waste elimination companies, you should ask them the right questions. You should clear your doubts about what kind of services they offer.What kind of garbage they handle, their pricing structure, and insurance among other factors.