On our vacation to Boston last year, my wife and I rented a 2016 Cadillac CTS from Cadillac dealership Boston. We have a friend who loves his, so we wanted to see why.

On the outside, the Stellar Black Metallic model we had looked amazing. A long, and low to the ground, design gave it a performance car look and feel. Inlay on the hood created a liquid-like reflective surface. Even when standing still, the CTS seemed to be in motion. High-Intensity Discharge headlamps automatically change direction based on vehicle speed, steering wheel input, and oncoming traffic. My wife always attracts attention, but this was a new experience for me. The CTS really stood out and turned plenty of heads for sure. It looked both expensive and sporty at the same time.Image result for What Happened When We Rented a Cadillac For The Weekend….

From a driver’s perspective, it felt very quick and comfortable. The 2.0L turbo 4-cylinder 268-hp engine had more than enough power and easily got us onto the highway. Our rental also had Magnetic Ride Control which adjusts the suspension based on weather and road conditions. The 8-speed automatic transmission changed gears flawlessly. My wife doesn’t like driving, but found the CTS a treat. We got excellent gas mileage too. Cadillac states 30 mpg highway, but I think we actually did a little better and drove around the entire time on one tank of gas. 

Cadillac went all out on the inside too. We were there in the summer and didn’t need the heated seats or heated steering wheel, but did take full advantage of the tri-zone climate control. The 13-speaker Bose sound system had Centerpoint2 surround with active noise cancellation technology and sounded remarkable. Cadillac CUE phone integration with Apple CarPlay let my wife access her iPhone for calls or streaming music. It was also compatible with my android phone. I really liked the heads-up display. We had a laugh when I started the car from the tenth floor of our hotel room and startled a passerby. 

Within a month of going home, we sat down with a Cadillac salesman. He showed us different purchase or lease options that easily fit our budget. We decided to purchase so that we could enjoy the pleasure of our new CTS for a very long time.

After driving around a Cadillac for a week last summer, we now know why our friend loves his so much. We had a really good time on this vacation and felt like the CTS played a big part in that. So now we’re proud Cadillac owners, and even I (when I’m driving the CTS) get a glance or two  sometimes.


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