Freelance architect work is a real jumble of jobs. You can be designing warehouses, sheds, houses and renovations. As per Dan Ludolph, you may be doing work as part of the excess from an architectural firm, another very mixed bag of types and roles of work.

Typical freelance architect jobs include

  • Engineering plans
  • Building plans
  • CAD work
  • Construction plans
  • Site plans
  • Landscape architecture
  • Interior architecture
  • Design graphics
  • Site drawings

This may appear a lot like your study days revisited, but as business work, it is priceless. This is the entire gamut of commercial architecture, and the very extensive range of experience will get you more jobs. The work develops into higher levels of jobs over time, similar to a customary architecture career progression. One of the great benefits of freelance architect work according to Dan Ludolph is that you successfully progress without being restricted within a particular commercial architecture firm, whose roles are often severely defined into levels of seniority.

The Work Experience

Expect to work hard. You call for a very well organized work schedule to make consistent progress through your jobs and be prompt for your clients. Also, anticipate some extra effort as an adviser. Things like stress loads and legal requirements are not self-explanatory to individuals outside the profession, and you will need to wrap up these things with customers.

Problem solving and communication skills are critically significant. In any architecture business, there can be drainage, site problems, structural issues, etc. However, in freelance architect work these are your problems as much as the customer’s. You are contracted to cope with these issues if you are in charge of the plans.

Presuppose that you are potentially accountable for problems. That is a great motivator for making certain you miss nothing in your job. The logic of slip-ups in construction is ‘blame the architect’ in many instances. Document any issues completely and give conventional advice that you know is correct and clear.

Finding Freelance Architect Jobs Online

There are some excellent specialist freelance sites online, particularly a big diverse site known as, a US site that caters absolutely to freelancers. This is what is called a “bidding jobs” site, where providers of services give viable quotes to employers.

Financial Issues and Freelance Architect Work

Freelance architect jobs are contract jobs. The form of conditions and contract of payment may differ considerably. It is robustly advised to ask for progressive payment, for constancy of income as well as guaranteed payment is made. You can spend a lot of time on projects, and it is best to keep the financial issues well covered as regular business practice.


Networking through architects, local builders and developers is a fundamental strategy for freelance architect work. You can find a lot of jobs basically by talking to your contacts and friends in the industry. You will also find that a good standing goes a long way in the construction industry. Quality and reliability are much appreciated, and you may be invited into projects on the basis of precedent work.

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