Dianabol results are totally impressive, but most potent steroid. This androgenic drug can root several adverse effects, so users determined to add Dianabol in their regimen make sure to plan an appropriate cycle.

D’bol works similarly to natural testosterone. It binds to the androgen receptors and stimulates metabolism increasing the ability of your body to synthesize protein. Actually, it does not build your muscles but helps the tears occurred due to physical exertions or weight lifting mend fast. Effects of muscle gains you see after using the drug are temporary but these gains slow down, as your body returns back to its average chemical levels.


Side effects of Dianabol

Some considerable side effects are –

Breast tissue development in men

It is because of estrogenic effects that triggers due to aromatization. When the testosterone levels increase due to external stimulus, body keeps aromatizing androgens to estrogens because it desire to keep natural hormonal condition. Aromatization slows down natural testosterone production.

Excess water retention

Your body starts looking puffy because of water retention due to steroid usage.

Other side effects reported

Excessive acne, increased body hair growth, and male pattern baldness are some reported side effects. Dianabol can lead to increase in HDL (bad cholesterol) and decrease in LDL (good cholesterol) causing heart issues.

D’bol can put strain on liver because it includes a compound, which does not allow the liver to break down this steroid, so it reaches the blood at high strength level. Psychological issues like anger, depression, and agitation can be experienced, during use.

Dianabol cycle to avoid adverse side effects

An appropriate cycle will include taking Dianabol for some period then stop and take aromatase inhibitor for another specific period. This cycle will help your body to recover and balance the hormone level.

Some athletes prefer cycle using Dianabol and aromatase inhibitor, at the same time. After some weeks they take a break and follow PCT, which is believed to be beneficial.

Majority of cycles are scheduled for six weeks and the dosage used is 10 mg to 20 mg per day. You can even run the cycle for 4 weeks. The period of cycle will depend on personal preference and body tolerance.

The length of D’bol cycle can be increased, when you advance in sports. Your body will naturally feel comfortable with steroid use stresses. You can even pair D’bol along with other anabolic steroid.

Is Post Cycle Therapy necessary?

PCT is rest period that allows your body to attain natural testosterone level, but with assistance.


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