The welding process is high intensity energy consuming where it requires a power supply which can provide it electric current to perform the welding process. The welding consumption has a range of minimum around 80 amps to 12,000 amps. Although, low current also can be used but only with very minimal level of welding like of welding two razor blades.  There are different devices like welding inverters; welding generators etc are used for power supply of welding machine. You can buy one of them as from Everlast Inverter Welders Equipment Company where various kinds of inverter welders and generator welders are there.Image result for Welding Power supply: Categorization as Transformer, Generator and Inverters

Categorization comparisons of welder power supplies

Transformer vs. Inverter: The inverter technology in welding for power supply won’t be bad if you power consumption you need for stationary work in a big area is not huge as inverter technology is best for high level energy industrial consumption where portability is factor or say you need to move one place to another. This lacks in transformer welders as there you need huge industrial base welding work. Other thing is efficiency is best in inverter based welders as compared to transformer based welders. However, you can find excellent stability in the transformer and fair amount of efficiency for performing heavy welding works. Inverter welders, in case of stability and efficiency as compared to transformer ones are greater in performance. As going with price, there are transformer welder which are less expensive than inverter ones but as far you concern with durability, inverters are worth for the excess edge of price.


The generators are used to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy where internal combustion engines a re there in modern designs but at older versions are with electric motors to run the generator. They use however same kind of initial mechanism like transformers but output comes as direct current or higher frequency.

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