New year is arriving soon and just like all previous years, this new year too, many of you might have planned a lot of things. New year is the time when thousands of people make resolutions, drink like crazy and some even propose as the clock strikes 12. But let me ask a question, how much do you actually know about this holiday? Well, here are some weird new year traditions that will leave you surprised.

  1. Do you know the first new year celebration is headed back to 4000 years. The emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar, first declared January 1st as a national holiday. The name of the month was declared after the Roman God of Doors and Gates, Janus. The god used to have two faces, one looking back and one looking forward. Caesar used to believe that naming the month after the god will be perfect.

  1. 45% Americans decide a new year resolution every year, the most common of which are weight loss, getting fit and healthy, saving more-spending less, etc. But what is weird is that almost 25% of these people give up on the resolution before the second week of January, funny, isn’t it?

  1. As per traditionals, if you eat too many leafy greens on new year’s day, you are more likely to get prosperity in the upcoming year. It is also said that beans and peas look like coins which is why legumes prosperity and which is why we see so many people eating black eyed peas on new year 🙂

  1. Opening a bottle of Champagne on the new year’s is quite common nowadays. Do you know this was started back in the 17th century, when the cork was first invented. Moreover, Americans drink around 360 millions glasses of wine during new years.

  1. Do you know about the final scene when Harry and Sally kiss and later on Harry mentions a song? Well, the song was Auld Lang Syne, usually sung at the end of most of the new year parties. The song was written by Poet Robert Burns. Although not many people know about the song, the basic message is to make people remember their loved ones, no matter dead or alive and keeping them close to the hearts.

  1. Hasn’t it ever crossed your mind that is Santa Claus is the symbol of Christmas, what is the symbol of New Years? Well, we have got you covered. The symbol of new year is Baby. You might have seen a baby new year wearing a black top hat and diaper and a sash that is showing the numbers of the new year. They say, this baby grows and matures into an adult throughout the year.

Facts are many, but I can’t cover them all in one article. Till then, have fun and have an amazing new year. Don’t forget to read these Happy New Year Wishes for your loved ones!

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