It is fact that the craze of the eyeshadow palettes is increasing enormously. It is a method of appealing fantasies of a perfectly flawless face with appropriate eyeshadow.  This is a small makeup package, which can conveniently full all your requirements without causing too many hassles.   However, there are lots of people who are using the naked palette 3 for the first time and don’t know where to commence.

In addition, if you are one of them, then there is no need to worry about it now. You have come to the right place. Here, users will learn about some methods, which will support them to use the naked palette easily. So, without wasting any more time, let’s begin with top two shades.

Shade 1:  Holy Smokes 

This is one of the basic look, which is nicely complemented by a light pink or peach lipstick shade.  Follow the steps to use it conveniently.

  • Use a flat shadow brush to begin the eyeshadow process.
  • Try to shade on the entire lid appropriately.
  • Bring together the color “Naked 3” into the crease.
  • Most importantly, apply on the lower lash softly and slowly with the help of angled eyeliner brush.
  • Utilize the “Foxy” color as a highlighter in the inner corner part of the eyes.
  • Dust the lid top with the faint color and now blend it into the crease.
  • Allocating a flat naked palette 3 shadow brush and press the crave color into the outer part of the eye in order to intensify the applied shade.

Shade 2: Fade To Brown

Another awesome shade, which you can use to look great and instruction are:

  • Make use of a flat shadow brush to start the eyeshadow process.
  • Attempt to shade on the whole lid properly.
  • Mix the color “Naked 3” into the crease.
  • Now, try to apply on the inferior lash gently little by little with the support of angled eyeliner brush.
  • Dust the lid part with the faint color and at last, blend it into the crease.
  • With a flat shadow brush press, the crave color into the external surface of the eye in order to intensify the applied shade.
  • Try to use a flat shadow brush after mixing the color and apply it on both inner and out lash line of the eye.
  • Work gently with the color into the outer crease. Mix the colors well, so the shade transition looks natural.

So what’s the final expression? Well, there is no need to be troubled any more about anything if you are just a beginner. Just try to follow the above-mentioned steps and apply one of the top shades according to your desire.  Most importantly, follow the steps in the perfect manner and don’t try to overdo the transition. It will look weird and unnatural. So, it is better for you to use aforesaid instruction to gain success. Hope the above-mentioned information will help you out with ease.

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Donn Schlosser