These two types of pit bulls are just variants of the Pit Bull Terrier. The red nose pitbull just as its name suggest has a characteristic red nose that makes it distinguishable from the rest. This character is just a random occurrence and only happens by chance.

The red nosed pit is quite similar in characteristics to the blue nose pit bull. Truth is the difference remains only in the colour of their noses. There is so much talk of these two being a new breed but this is just a fallacy

Ways of caring for your pit bull

Building pit bull characteristics

Taking good care of a pit bull and being able to build its character requires someone with a strong personality. They tend to take after the people they hung around. Pit bulls are very confident animals.

Pit bulls do not make very good guard dogs because of their dependence on people and the tendency of being aggressive. If you train them to be guard dogs they may end up being too aggressive towards humans and even other dogs.

The best bit about building their character is that they are willing to learn and can be one of best when it comes to discipline.


On average, a pit bull lives up to 14 years. This is only possible when the pit is in good health most of its life. They are susceptible to allergies and other health conditions such as hip dysplasia and cataracts as they grow older.

Apart from illnesses they are energetic animals that require a lot of exercises to ensure they are fit and mobile. The red nose pit bull can become overweight just like its counterparts if they are left to eat and just idle around. This shows you how much there isn’t much difference between this pit bull and other breeds.

Last but not least ensure your dog gets all its vaccinations. After getting to know that the blue nose pit bull is quite similar to the red nosed bull it is good to treat them all the same. Vet checkups can never be taken for granted and skipped. They must be duly attended.

Clean them up

A good and clean dog is quite an attraction and of aesthetic value. Can you imagine walking around with a dog that is dirty and unkempt? All you will attract are weird stares and people steering away from you and your little friend.

Set up a routine washing schedule and have fun with your pet as you go about this. Change its  bed frequently too to avoid any dirt that end up causing skin infections and diseases.

Did you know that pit bulls used to be trained as fighting dogs? The trainings were oriented negatively and this breed suffered in very many ways. They were denied food, beaten up and never washed or taken for medical checkups like they deserve. Pit bulls need love and care for them to thrive well


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