There are many types of personal injury cases that are filed in court on a regular basis. Here in this article, I’m going to write about some of those cases to let you know about the facts. It is also partly dependant on the nature of the state you are living. People use to search for their personal injury attorney according to their location. Like personal injury attorney los angeles, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida etc.

So, let’s have a look at the different types of personal injury cases.

Car Accident

A car accident is the most common personal injury case in the United States. After an accident occurs, someone always found guilty for disobeying the traffic rules, careless driving or lane violation. The careless driver had to be held financially and the main responsible person for the accident. There are some exceptional cases where drives have to collect from their insurer if there is no serious injury.

Medical Malpractice

Only the doctor and other medical care professionals are responsible for a medical malpractice case. After an accident occurs, the injured person has to be in the observation of a doctor. If the doctor didn’t pay full attention to his/her patient or overlook the major injuries then the claiming party can lawsuit a medical malpractice case against the doctor.

Slip and Fall Cases

This is another most common case in the United States. All the property owners have a legal duty to make their working place safe for their employees and workers not to get any injury during the working session. In that particular type of case, it ends with a little settlement of money.

Dog Bites

Dog bite cases are also a common type of personal injury case where the dog owners are mostly responsible for the injuries caused by a dog. The rules for this particular case differ from state to state. There is a rule called “one bite” in which the dog owner can only become responsible for the personal injury damage if there is a reason for the owners who know their dog is aggressive.

Defective Product Cases

Another common cause of a personal injury lawsuit is from defective products of any company or organization. If you get some injury or health problem while using a particular product, you may have a Personal Injury claim if the product was defectively designed, packed, manufactured or if it did not show their users proper instructions, guidance or warnings. This is also a common matter in not only United State but also in many countries.

Construction Accidents

There are many rules and regulations for safety standards mandating safe construction procedures on the working field. Even, many contractors and subcontractors are either unaware of or ignore these safety rules and regulations leading to serious injuries or deaths caused by accidents. So, if someone gets injured then there is ways to claim for personal injury.

So, mainly these are the most common personal injury cases. You may also hear about many other cases also like assault, battery, defamation and many more.

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