While most couples that incorporate sparklers into their wedding use them for the send -off line, sparklers can also add a whole new dimension to table centerpieces. There are many ways they can be used, including sticking them in a flowerpot or even a fruit bowl.

For a more casual way to use sparklers as part of your centerpieces you can obtain tin buckets and have them personalized with your names and wedding date. This is a great option if you are having a large wedding, as you will be able to display enough sparklers so that each of your guests has one.

Gold sparklers are your best bet for incorporating them into your centerpieces. They burn slowly, so they are safe to use indoors and when you use them as part of each centerpiece you are not putting your guests at risk of danger. No ashes will drop from this kind of sparkler, which is another reason it is ideal for wedding centerpieces.

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Most brands of sparklers are safe to paint, but it’s always best to buy a premium brand of spray paint for your sparklers. That being said, you can choose to paint them to match your wedding colors. The standard color of sparklers is gray, so being able to paint them is a real advantage. Any color spray paint can be used to enhance your sparklers.

If you choose to use bottle sparklers you can create fun and unique centerpieces. When lit they fade out in just under a minute, but even without lighting them, they can still make your centerpieces a conversation starter for your guests.

Even if you want to have traditional floral centerpieces for your wedding you can still incorporate sparklers into it. For a truly eye catching presentation purchase brightly colored sparklers and stick one in the middle of each floral centerpiece. A color that stands out against the flowers in your centerpiece will provide a truly memorable sight for your guests.

Tabletop fountains can also provide you with a great way to display your sparklers as part of your centerpiece. This can be a safe and fun way to entertain your guests and yourself on your big day.

Clear glass jars can also be used to create a sparkler centerpiece. All you need is a glass jar for each table and one sparkler per person. These can be put together at the last minute, saving you time during the planning process. Even though it is a very simple centerpiece it can also be very elegant, and best of all the wedding sparklers will be a useful addition to each table. There are many uses for sparklers for weddings throughout the evening, and when it comes time to light the sparklers one person can be appointed to light everyone’s sparklers at once.

These are just a few of the ways in which you can use sparklers as a part of your wedding centerpieces. You can get as creative as you choose to when it comes to using them. Sparkler centerpieces are becoming increasingly popular among couples who want their wedding reception to be as memorable as possible. They are diverse enough that they can easily be incorporated into your own wedding décor.

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