Green Coffee beans are the best source of chlorogenic acid (CGA). Green coffee beans have wide many therapeutic uses, and weight loss or treatment of obesity is one of them. Coffee is already the most popular drink all around the world, but the roasted coffee beans don’t contain the most effective chlorogenic acid. Research has shown that when roasted under a regulated heat, only 10% of CGA remain in the coffee beans. So, experts ask to use the highest quality extract supplements of green coffee beans to the maximum benefits of CGA. Besides CGA, it also contains several other important chemicals like GABA, Theophylline, and Epigallocatechin Gallate, which are also immensely beneficial in different bodily functions.

Mechanism of action of green coffee bean

Green coffee beans are specially collected from the trees and kept in highly sophisticated environment to keep the ingredients in their finest conditions. These beans contain higher quantities of CGA. Green coffee beans increase metabolism of the body, boosts certain neurotransmitters, and enhances the immunity if the body.Image result for Use Green Coffee Beans in right doses to avail its benefits

Characteristics of CGA

CGA is the component that provides multiple benefits to the human body ranging from weight loss, to the treatment of cardiovascular disorder treatment.  The most authentic and natural source of chlorogenic acid is green coffee beans. The molecular structure of CGA shows that it contains two molecules- a molecule of caffeic acid is bound to a Quinic Acid moiety. The combination is known as Chlorogenic Acid, and both the molecules will become bioactive after they enter into the digestive system.   

Studies have shown that CGA is not fully absorbed in the small intestine. There a small part of it is hydrolyzed into caffeic acid and then absorbed. However, when the acid reaches the colon, microflora present in their can break the bond between caffeic acid, and quinic acid, subsequently releases caffeic acid. In the intestines, CGA can bind with the zinc, and iron.

In the digestive system, it is transformed into a dozen of different kinds of bioactive metabolites, which are then used in different organic processes.

The highest quality extract supplements of green coffee beans should have a CGA level of about 45% at least.  If it contains at least 50% CGA, then it I perfectly suitable for the weight loss purpose.

Benefits of green coffee beans

Following are the fundamental benefits of green coffee beans supplements:

The supplements can enhance metabolism, and burn body fat

The supplements can eliminate a multiple of skin disorders, including aging symptoms, and pimples

The supplements can stop hair fall and several types of hair problems

The supplements can increase immunity

How to take green coffee beans?

Most of the studies on the perfect dosing of green coffee bean extracts are based on their chlorogenic acid content. The best doses of CGA in isolation range between 120-300mg per day. In that respect, following are the best doses of green coffee bean extract:

250-600mg for a 50% CGA supplement

600-1,500mg for a 20% CGA supplement

1,000-3,000mg for a 10% CGA supplement


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