Granite is becoming increasingly popular as a kitchen countertop. There are some valid reasons why it is preferred by homeowners. It is a hard material. Granite comes in an amazing variety of textures, patterns and colours. Its colour and shine don’t fade away over time. You can place hot bowls or cut vegetables on your granite countertop without worrying about its getting damaged. It is expensive but lasts longer.

Your kitchen is where you spend a great deal of time every day. You should pay special attention to kitchen design and decoration. Countertops being an important factor to define the look of your kitchen, you should make a pragmatic choice that scores high on elegance. If you want to buy a home or give a makeover to your kitchen, think about granite countertop for a classic and elegant look.

Before making a purchase, you should decide which type of granite countertop would suit your purpose and pocket. Let us now take a look at available options for your choice.

Slab Granite

Slab granite is quite popular as one of the most stylish material for kitchen countertop. It is on the mind of most people after they decide to buy a countertop or make a change. Slab granite is heavy and not easy to deal with. Therefore, you should hire a professional. Seamless granite slab is available. It is the most costly variety among the available granite countertops.

Tiled Granite

This type of countertop is created by securing the granite tiles with epoxy after placing them edge to edge. It is less expensive than slab granite. You will be happy to know that it is DIY type implying that you can install it without professionals’ intervention. However, it is always better to hire an expert from Future Countertops in O’Fallon.

If installed properly, tiled granite looks extremely shiny. It will redefine the look of your familiar kitchen without requiring you to spend a massive sum. On the flipside, they are not easy to clean due to presence of seams. They are also more costly than other materials available for countertops.

Modular Kitchen

This is quite in fashion these days. Modular kitchen is expensive but fascinating. It is customized as per needs and affordability of the individuals looking for kitchen designing or makeover. It is made from pre-cut pieces of granite. It comes in both standard counter shapes and sizes. Therefore, it could be a good choice for a traditional kitchen. However, if your kitchen is of custom type, modular kitchen will not be a good fit for your purpose though there is no hard and fast rule that you cannot go with it.

It is a good choice for the DIY enthusiasts, especially if the kitchen is of standard size. The biggest challenge for any DIY enthusiast is to put together different pieces to ensure a seamless finishing. It is moderately priced and can be afforded by many people. However, it is better to involve an expert interior designer in your kitchen makeover, whatever granite countertop you choose.

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