Our fast-paced lifestyle often comes to a halt when struck with similarly fast-paced catastrophe. In a report given by the World Health Organization, more than 1.25 million people lose their lives due to road accidents. Approximately 80 per cent of those comprises the accident by trucks. In California alone, about 2,978 injurious crashes involving trucks are reported every year while its major city Los Angeles witnesses the issue repetitively.

Every day hundreds of trucks make their journey through the cities for commercial or industrial purposes. Some make it to the destination safely while the others encounter misfortunes in the way. Los Angeles, being of the major routes in the country has freeways that are prone to the risk of truck accidents, observes them too on a daily basis.

In most of the cases, it has been found that the driver is at fault. The duty of a truck driver is not just to maintain its own composure, but he also needs to be careful of the people who drive pass through them.  Undoubtedly, misfortunes cannot be compensated through money, but compensation can surely support the treatment of the victim or its family. For such cases, LA truck accident attorneys are the most competent figures to help you in this situation.

Vehicle accident laws of California

According to new motor vehicles law in California, a vehicle accident must be reported within 10 days to the Department of Motor Vehicles, California. This accident should be such where the damage has been caused to any property, or the person involved in the accident gets physically hurt or killed. Overall, the damage should be worth the amount of $1000 or above. A person can claim the lawsuit within a period of 2 years in the case of personal injury, and within 3 years if there is any property damage resultant of the car accident. After the following given time period, the case becomes time barred and cannot be sued in the court.

After registering a proper complaint of the accident, the most important thing you are required to do is hire an attorney. There are specialised people working for such cases and those are LA truck accident attorney.

Why hire an attorney?

The attorney will represent you in the court. It is the attorney’s duty to prove the case in front of the court. Obtaining copies of the police report, preparing your medical records with the help medical practitioners, getting the testimonies from the witnesses and filing the documents for the lawsuit against the other party, need an expert eye. An expert LA truck accident attorney can help you deal with all such legal framework of your case.

It has been observed that the cases where a truck or any commercial vehicle is involved and the driver of such vehicle is at fault, then the compensation depends upon the competence of your attorney. Minimum settlement amount prescribed according to the law can be increased if you have the assistance of a skilled lawyer. The attorneys were managed to obtain a high amount of compensation from the truck companies for their clients even when in those cases the compensation expected was relatively low. Accidents can be financially exhausting. Compensations may help in reducing the burden to some extent.

Civilians are not fluent in the legal aspects, therefore, it is required to seek a professional’s help. This is why hiring a lawyer is a necessity if you want to represent yourself in the court. Whereas, hiring a skilled truck accident attorney will ensure you to get the justice you deserve and will help you through this hard time.

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