Trenbolone is a scientific name for the hormone that is naturally made in the body. This drug is preferred by many of the sportsmen in the today’s generation. This drug is known for increasing the endurance in the body, after any major injury improving the repair process of muscles and aiming for toned body. It is very active in building up muscles at a greater pace, it also helps in retaining the muscles after they are built up, provides low retention of water, the production of red blood cells is increased, the strength is also at its peak and the body fat is also reduced.


To have the effect for a longer period of time the athletes prefer various cycles and dosages. For a perfect dosage one must first analyze their personal requirements and goals. These drugs are easily available at the stores and the basic dosage is generally of 50mg-200 injections that is given three times in a week. To have the better affect many athletes also suggest to have 75 to 100mg every second day. Estos efectos de trembolona can be then seen quite efficiently. It is one of the most advisable drugs that are being used for the most fluctuating body type of athletes.Image result for Trenbolone Results, Dosages, Cycles & Reviews [Beginner’s Guide]

Cycles and reviews:

The dosage cycle for this drug should be extended beyond a period of 12 weeks. Generally the prescription is given for 8 weeks. The changes in the hormones are more prone to 8 weeks prescription. Many of the sports people prefer 150 mg to 300 mg per week. This drug can be taken in combination with various other drugs too. The general cycle includes cutting and stacking of Testosterone.

In the today’s era this drug is used by many of the farmers. It helps in increasing the growth in the mass of tissues. The efficiency in the cattle is increased.  The amount of nutrients given to the cattle is reduced as the amount of efficiency it provides has been increased. The drug is also converted in the form of liquid which is given in the form of injection to the athletes. The results of this drug are seriously recommendable. The benefits are added to its features. It makes the drug very popular and powerful. It is known as a mythical in the era of bodybuilding. Many people even use this drug before any competition to increase the capacity of their body and increase the body muscles. This drug is however not advisable for women. This drug was originally manufactured in the form of liquid but now it is easily available in the form of pellets, capsules etc. The pellets were generally used by putting them under the skin. With the farmers the drug used is Finajet and Finaject.  The effect of this drug can be clearly seen in 30 days. The amount of nitrogen is increased in the body. This drug if used with substances like Dianabol or Anadrol can help in providing much better results. A 30 day cycle generally increase 15 pounds in the muscles. It leads to little fat accumulation.


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