The days when increasing performance and preventing injuries on the field were pretty much left up to chance for athletes are luckily behind us. In today’s modern world, whether it’s hockey, football, basketball, or even baseball, there are so many technological advances, athletes are safer than ever. The fact still remains, however, that playing sports often equals injuries, especially when you want to increase your performance at the same time. Below you can find some of the top ways that tech is helping to prevent injuries and increase performance for athletes every day now.

Compression Socks

Compression socks for athletes go a long way towards preventing PF, plantar fasciitis and the symptoms it causes. Wearing them while running and even during training sessions can actively help the wearer and act as a performance enhancement as well.

Aquatic Therapy

When it comes to injuries, aquatic therapy is helping to treat them very well. An aquatic therapy pool helps with the rehab process. The capability to raise and lower the floor of the pool has proven to help with post-surgery exercises that many athletes must perform in order to be well enough to be cleared by doctors to compete again.

Monitors That Are Wearable

One of the major concerns of athletes, trainers, and owners of sports teams in the past is the health of their athletes when they are training or even on the field. At one time, there was no way to monitor heart rate, respiration and other concerns in real time. There eventually came machines that could do it, but the athlete had to come into the doctor’s office to find out the results. Today, technological advances make it possible to wear monitors that keep track of these things as the athlete goes about his training.

Wearable monitors track everything from data that the coaches need to heart rate and even body chemistry. This technology not only helps to keep the athletes healthy but also enhances their performance at the same time.

Virtual Reality Systems

Virtual reality is more than a PS4 system the kids want for Christmas. It’s often no longer required to be on the basketball court or out on the football field in 20-degree weather. Now, athletes can practice in the warmth of their own training rooms or oftentimes in their own homes with virtual reality systems that help the athlete to do everything from getting a better vision of the game to improving their performance on the field or court. Virtual reality systems also help by enabling the athletes to avoid conditions that could make them sick as well.

The impact of technology on sports is almost unbelievable. Though many people say that current technology, at least some, is the same thing as enhancement drugs and steroids, many people don’t. In reality, tech seems to have made it easier to enhance an athlete’s performance naturally and at the same time help to prevent injuries and reduce recovery times. What do you think? What’s your stance on technology and sports? We would love to know! 


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