Whether you are on vacation, or just far away from your loved ones, it is always nice to stay in touch with your friends or even to connect new acquaintances. Dedicated video conferencing software is a good choice if you have a high-quality, high-speed Internet connection to convey both sampled sound and video in windowed mode, or even better in full screen mode !

Through this unpretentious file, our objective was simple: “What are specialized software, simple to configure allowing two or more video conferences? “. Among our selection, seven software have caught our attention because they allow to have a video exchange of quality with its close relations or with complete unknowns through dedicated salons. In the batch, there are just as much free and paying software and in addition to video conferences on the Internet reserved for private individuals, some video conferencing applications even offer webcam chats in intranet, that is to say within a network Local (SMEs, associations, teamwork on a project …) .

All other additional functions outside the selection criteria were welcome. This is the case for recording video messages. We are now leaving offline messages, as we do with any “messenger” with text. Some applications in this folder also support instant messaging clients. In addition to the protocols for video and audio communication over IP, standards such as Instant Messenger such as Yahoo!, Windows Live Messenger, AIM … are also part of the game.

ezTalks Meetings

Many users believe that ezTalks Meetings is simple-to-use but powerful video conferencing software in the market. With its help, you’re able to host HD video conferences online which accommodates up to 100 attendees at a time with free of charge. If you’re using its pro version, you can even host video conferences that consists up to 500 attendees simultaneously with a reasonable price.

ezTalks Meetings can be easily applied into many industries, like business, online education, telemedicine, webinar, government, military, remote training and more. At the same time, it offers you many helpful tools to make the video conferencing perfect. To be more specific, it enables you to share screens, discuss your thoughts with interactive whiteboard online and text chat. To avoid anything important missing, you can even record video conferences once you start hosting it. Besides, its meetings scheduling features gives you the power to schedule and remind everyone of the coming meetings. All in all, ezTalks Meetings is undoubtedly powerful and trustworthy video conferencing software which will never let you down.


Skype is a standard that, as everyone knows, allows traditional chatting in text mode via the keyboard, audio via a microphone and video mode with its webcam. For the part that concerns, the group Skype call, the video exchange is only among ten members. In very low windowed mode, in video on the tab (bigger window) or in full screen video.

With Skype, we have decided to integrate Skype with this comparison because even if there are no dedicated video conferencing forums, it is always possible to activate the SkypeMe mode (File, Connection status and SkypeMe) Knowledge with perfect strangers who want it and of course a video conversation. This mode tells other users that you are available and agree for a dialog.

The most active thing, which can also carry out extensive research in all countries, according to gender, age range, language spoken, city, SkypeMe mode… and promote video chat all over the place! For a conference to more than two, there are several plug-ins more and more difficult to find like the excellent VSkype or even Festoon. The forum skypefr.com will help you…s


Camfrog is a must for hot video chatting! Easy to set up, available in French and functional under Windows and Mac, just choose your nickname and password. Then, you have to specify your webcam and microphone and go!

The video conferencing software allows you to add your private contacts and only interact with them or to get acquainted with a network of users located in the four corners of the world, by clicking on the “Favorite rooms”. In all, there are no less than 5106 salons (Camfrog, Francophone, SpeakEnglish …) and to make you contacts, a directory of 126 540 registered is accessible which makes it possible to know with the “tribe” (age, place of residence, Sex, full profile …). To start a video chat, nothing more simple, a double-click on the nickname of the interlocutor does the trick.

In the free version, the quality of the video is fluid and of correct size (vignette of 5 x 5 cm approximately), the same goes for the audio sampling which delivers a clear and clean sound. The paid version ($ 49.95) offers features that are more than perfect, including the ability to open up to 100 windows, and especially viewing multiple webcams simultaneously, but also file transfer, Add webcam monitoring function, and keep a video history of your conversations. In short, a very good product.

Eyeball Chat

Eyeball Chat brings together several concepts. It is primarily an excellent software to maintain video conferences with your friends and family or a starting point to new encounters via video conferencing rooms.

After signing up, and detecting your webcam, your Instant Messenger is waiting for one thing, adding new contacts. With Eyeball, you can send them invitations or if you know them directly enter the Eyeball ID of your contact. The highlight of Eyeball Chat is that you can also add your MSN, AIM and Yahoo! accounts Messenger. As a result, we keep in touch with everyone in the way of a multi-protocol instant messaging client (Trillian, Pidgin, Miranda Im, Adium …).

(Standard, high quality, custom), resolution (standard, medium, wide), but also have access to many other settings (number of Images per second, audio quality, reception priority …). If your contact lives in Miami and you in Paris, rather than waking up you have the opportunity to record a voice message to him in AVI (OpenDML) format. In hollow moments, you can also choose to make friends. Dedicated video conferencing rooms are provided for new users, by language, by geographical location and by passion, for meetings. Be careful, not all webcams will work with Eyeball Chat, so do not hesitate to consult the compatibility list.


ICUII makes it possible to contact your relatives if you give an appointment at a particular show and to communicate your pseudonyms to you to recognize you! The primary purpose of this webcam network is to facilitate visual exchanges of all kinds. The salons are mainly reserved for adults (Couple, Seniors, Adult playroom) and some for more cultural subjects (television, music, online quizzes). It is fortunately possible to create your own private rooms to be protected by a password to dialogue only with your community.

Interestingly, you can also ban face-to-face communications or text messages upstream for members who do not have the password to talk to you. The video windows of the demo version are rather small but this version 8.06 benefits from 300% improvement in video bitrate. The sound quality is just perfect (audio CD quality).

iSpQ Video Chat

When iSpQ Video Chat starts, you choose the community you want to belong to. This can be a “core” show in the community, a lounge for business meetings and online conferencing, an area reserved for you, your friends and family “Friends and family” and Finally, the unavoidable zones specially dedicated to adults for meetings. The second step is to define your interests and your profile. Finally, the configuration step ends with taking your snapshot with your webcam!

Just like with a classic messenger, the user can specify the status of his iSpQ disposibility (online, absent, busy, hidden), add or block contacts. The operating system is very simple. You are alerted when you receive a message and you start or not start a video conference with the members of your choice.

For each contact, you can see in a few clicks his profile, his type of connection which clearly affects the fluidity of video and of course the centers of interests. The size of the video windows is respectable, but the zoom function is strictly for nothing since it is an extrapolation of pixels.


Available for the moment on PC and Mac and soon under Linux, ooVoo is a kind of Messenger specialized in video chat online. Here, no chat room, only your contacts sorted on the shutter. After the necessary creation of your profile, the video conferencing program is rather astute, proposes to browse your Outlook / Outlook Express contact list or your web messager (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail …) in order to detect if they have a Account of ooVoo.

OoVoo Video conversations are done in windowed mode or in a larger window. As with a classic instant messaging client, the various statuses are available (online, busy, invisible, absent). It is possible to be video conferencing with six people at a time! Among the sympathetic functions are the possibility to record video sessions in *. FLV format and with variable video quality, low quality (256 kb / s), average quality (512 kb / s), high ooVoo quality (1 Mb / s). By way of example, in maximum resolution a file is obtained in 520 × 325 pixels, 25 frames per second or 7.50 MB for a recorded minute.

When a contact is missing, rather than leaving him a sad text message that he will retrieve when he connects you can do better by leaving him an audio or video message. The icing on the cake to brighten up your cats videos, there is even a “Video Effect” plugin (Andy Warhol effects, video filters …)

In the end we were pleasantly surprised by one piece of software, for their dual potential to do as well in private video chat or public. The trade shows where you can trade are extremely well populated (Webcam Community). Without hesitation, the winner is ezTalks Meetings.

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