Gifts are a universal favourite of everyone because everyone loves to accept gifts. And one of the most ideal gifts of all is flowers. The flowers act as a symbol of love and they represent the beauty and brilliance of the emotions that you want to convey. Flowers form an essential part in every occasion and none of the celebrations is complete without the fragrance of the flowers.

Whether you are looking for a gift item that has to be presented as a small gratitude or for a big occasion, flowers are always the best gifts. However, there are a few things that you keep in mind while gifting flowers to your beloved ones. It is that you must make sure that the type of flowers that you gift is based on the occasion for which you are presenting them. Otherwise, the entire idea of gifting flowers will end up in a pretty bad experience. So, whether you have to send flowers to Bangalore or Mumbai, you need to consider the occasion.

Here are the top 6 occasions for which you can gift flowers to your loved ones:

  1. Anniversary – Whether it is your first year anniversary or you are celebrating silver or golden jubilee, flowers are an absolutely wonderful gift. You can gift some of the seasonal flowers along with red roses for this occasion. You can present the flowers in the shape of a heart as a symbol of love for this occasion.
  2. Birthday – Presenting a bouquet of flowers on the occasion of someone’s birthday is a common practice. The best idea for you to wish a happy birthday with the help of flowers is to present some orchids and lilies in bright colours and then send a birthday card or a note inside it with your wishes. It might sound cliché, but the receiver will certainly love it.
  3. Baby Shower – Flowers are known to add a dash of positive vibe to every occasion because they are both beautiful and brilliant. To make the baby shower occasion more happening, you can gift blue coloured flowers if it is a baby boy and pink coloured flowers if it is a baby girl. A toy accompanied by flowers is a very sweet gift.
  4. Housewarming – Flowers are not just great for the purpose of decoration, but they are also known to bring good luck and fortune and for this reason flowers are often given to people as a housewarming present. With the beautiful flowers that you gift them, the house will look even more attractive and your best wishes would reflect to them.
  5. Get Well Soon Gifts- When a person is sick and you go to meet them, you can take some flowers with you. The presence of the flowers around them can bring them sheer joy and positive vibes, which will help in speedy recovery.
  6. Funeral or Sympathy – During such occasion, white coloured flowers are often exchanged as they symbolize peace and tranquillity.

Whatever the occasion is, you can send flowers to Hyderabad, Delhi or any other place very conveniently, thanks to the online flower delivery services.

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