Here we are today, in an era which has witnessed the change in gears of identity from being the postal address to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usernames. Startling, isn’t it? The digital marketing industry which had its origins only 2 decades back has become as important as the Maslow’s physiological factors. Like seriously? Astonishing but true!

The digital marketing industry is creating uproar for all good reasons. The emergence of Digital Marketing training Institutes and other platforms is commendable. However, the speedy uphill has hooked on some misconceptions onto its chariot unintentionally. You might have been one of those spectators wanting to jump up your way to the chariot. Don’t hold yourself back, we are here to put the delusions off your mind and bring you closer to your dream job.

These listed here are 5 myths pertaining to job search via social media and its importance to land one.

#Myth1: Social media fetches jobs only for youngsters

No! Definitely not! How much ever we consider social media to be a youngsters ball game, it is not all about them. Job opportunities through social media are free from the age barriers for hiring. A man with 12years of experience has equal leisure as a teenage fresher. All you need is a strong profile that explains your work profile and genre of interest and experience precisely and you will have an assortment of offers to pick from.

#Myth2: Setting up accounts would do the job

You are highly mistaken if you believe that just setting up social media accounts would draw forth a job. With companies increasingly including social profile checks into the recruitment policy, having an attractive yet honest persona reflecting from your social profile is pivotal. You must consistently update your profiles with your professional achievements and personal accomplishments weaved in a creative manner. The genuineness of your profiles is catalyst to your long term journey as a successful professional.

#Myth3: Social media profile is not relevant to yield a job

Hiring is no more a derivative of your aptitude alone. The importance of right attitude and behavior is becoming increasingly crucial. HR professionals prefer screening the social profiles of candidates in order to comprehend their personality as a whole. It’s best advisable to revoke extreme privacy settings and give the recruiters some sneak-peak to your social handles and escalate your chance to get hired.

#Myth4: Facebook is all of stalking and no professional gain

This is by far the biggest misconception people possess about social media. Facebook can actually help you fetch a job. It is that informal platform which can be exploited to its limits to build relationships and stay in touch with the mediators who could be of help. Facebook also provides you with an option ‘Facebook Graph Search’ which facilitates you with connections who work in the field of your interest.

#Myth5: LinkedIn is wholly a professional place

Certainly not! LinkedIn is assuredly a social platform for business connects, but that doesn’t mean it is banned to showcase the creative and humane side of you. In fact, the recruiters are attracted to a profile which stands out to be an all-rounder and not merely monotonic work professional. A hobby nurtured or a social initiative undertaken might transcend your profile up to the shortlist of your dream company.

We hope we have managed to shatter your myths about social media and job search. Now that all the misapprehensions are off your plate, you can certainly redecorate it with the potpourri of digital marketing work field in your best interest.

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