Most of the drivers drive the cars safely, but nobody can stop accidents. The motor accident is common, and every day we hear the news of car accidents. It can’t be stopped completely.

Most of the cases after an accident, an individual asks for compensation from the insurance company and the insurance provider give them compensation. However, most of the persons are not satisfied with the amount which the insurance provider pays as compensation. I am going to write on this topic and hope the family members and the injured persons will get better compensation if the read it carefully and follow the steps.  If you are an injured person, then read the article for better compensation.

First Things

You should collect some data, and it is your first duty after an accident.

  1. Name of other driver
    2. Name of the other driver’s insurance company
    3. Witnesses of the accident
    4. Inform to police and law officer to come to the scene

Nowadays almost everyone is using the mobile phone, and most of the cell phones have the cameras.  If you are in an accident, then you should take a picture of the location, injured persons, license plates of each vehicle.

Remember, other driver may have caused the accident then you should not request the person for payment. You should inform his insurance company. You should bear in mind that the insurance company is not on your side. Actually, the insurance company is doing business and wants to pay you less. The company will try to prove that you had also fault and you have responsibilities for the accident and will reduce the amount of your compensation.

You should provide all the documents including the police report, the cause of the crash and the medical bill which you spent for your treatment. If you are not able to provide the documents, the company will dismiss your charge, and you will not receive compensation.

The Types of Damages

When you are going for Car Accident Claim, you must know the points.

  1. You can get compensation for the car damage.
    2. You also can get compensation for anything which is damaged in the accident.
    3. You have right to get the compensation for your injury.
    4. You can get the benefit for you mental and physical pain and suffering.
    Not only that, you can ask for other expenses. Suppose, your car was damaged in the incident and you hired a taxi, then you have right to get the money that you paid for the taxi. If you lose the documents, then you will get a little benefit. So, all the documents are vital, and you should collect all the materials.

Remember, If your request the insurance company to pay the small amount then the company may provide you money, but if you are expecting more money then you have no way, but you should consult with a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows everything and will collect all the document from you will argue in the court, and you will get compensation.

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