When you have a small living room and kids you can feel sometimes like you’re just wading through piles of clutter, kids toys, and other items. It makes it difficult to relax and enjoy time together as a family. If you have a small living space and young kids and you feel like the living room has become a pit of chaos most of the time here are some expert tips to help you manage the chaos and enjoy your living space:

Choose Furniture Carefully

In a small living space, your home organisational skills really come in to play. Firstly, you may not need all the furniture that you think you need. For example, having a matching sofa and loveseat may just be taking up space. Think outside the matching sofa set. Maybe a loveseat and a large chair and ottoman would fit the space better, or a small sectional sofa. Sectional sofas with built in storage are a great way to contain the clutter in a small living room.

A coffee table that has storage underneath, or a trunk used as a table are also great ways to combine storage with functional furniture. Get rid of the idea that you need to have a large matching living room set and start to think about what will work for your space and your family. You’ll be amazed at the creative ways that a small living room can be made cosy and comfortable for a family when you let go of those outdated ideas about living room furniture and décor.

Multi Purpose Shelving Units Are Your Best Friends

If you have a small living room at least one wall should be dedicated to a high quality multiple use shelving system. You can have a custom unit built or make your own using shelving systems from stores like Ikea. Anchor the shelves to the wall to make sure they stay put. You can even make them look like they are built into the wall with some crown moulding strips and a good paint job.

With a multiple purpose shelving unit you can change the shelves around to fit your family’s needs. You can store baskets of toys on the lower shelves. If you have more than one little one darting around the place, StuckonYou name labels are a super-handy addition to baskets, boxes and bins. Art supplies and board games can go on the middle shelves. Baskets of magazines and books can be stored away when the kids are done with them. You can even fit your TV into the centre of the unit and get rid of the entertainment centre or TV stand. Store DVDs on a shelf near the TV.

Floor Pillows

Floor pillows are great for extra seating or for kids to lie on when they are watching TV. They can be used to build forts. There are a million ways to use them and they can be stowed away when they aren’t being used by stacking them in a corner or dropping them behind the sofa. Invest in a bunch of fun and soft floor pillows that can serve many purposes for an active family.

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