Are you a manager who is trying to make the jump from first or midline manager to an executive? Do you know how to bridge the gap between managing people to managing an organization? Do you have good solid management experience, a bit of executive leadership training, and now you’re ready to make the leap into becoming one of the big C’s – CEO, CIO, or CTO? Here are five things that you should focus on to make yourself stand out as a leader:

1) Leadership

Leaders have the ability to see a problem and leverage their own talents, and their team’s talents in an efficient and effective way to solve that problem. No leader is the same, but all great leaders have the ability to inspire the people around them to all move in the same direction. Many first and midlevel managers are great problem solvers and leaders, but to be an executive leader, you need to be able to connect with an even larger group of people. You should be genuine and make personal connections, despite being more remote, and you need the ability to make individuals feel like significant contributors despite them being a piece of a much larger puzzle. Executive leadership training can help up and coming leaders to bridge this gap.Image result for Three things managers need to make the C-Suite

2) Strategy

Many first and midlevel managers understand strategy intuitively – it’s the ability for them to recognize the importance and market of the product or service they are responsible for, and to drive it to be the best in that market. Executive strategy takes this to a whole new level. Instead of focusing on one product, you are often focusing on an entire company in the marketplace. And instead of making the best of your product in a certain market, you are driving and discovering whole new markets – even defining new markets. You need not only to understand where your company fits, but you also need to know where the market is going, and where your business is going to fit in the future. You need a vision, often on a global level, and you need to be able to drive your company there. Strategic leadership training can help managers jump from product level strategy to company-level strategy.

3) Charisma and presentation

Charisma isn’t just about being a good leader and being able to inspire people to follow you (though that is a part of it). Charisma is about being organized and having good presentation skills. It’s about being able to talk to anyone about your product and sell it – from the friendly and knowledgeable to the skeptical and uninitiated. You need to be able to present to large groups of people in a way that each individual feels like you’ve specifically connected with them. Public speaking training can help you get the confidence you need to talk to a wide variety of people.

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