James Baraz once said that mindfulness is all about being aware of what is happening in the present without wishing it should be different. He went ahead and explained that it is also about enjoying the good things without holding on to when you expect them to change because they always do. I is the ability to remain unpleasant without fearing that things will remain like that because they never really do.

The thing is, most of the pain humans go through is unnecessary and often times preventable. Our negative emotions is what causes our mental pain. It is a web that keeps us stuck within ourselves and sometimes it extends so deep that we don’t even see our true nature anymore.

This kind of mental pain is what causes our bodies to be in stress and remain like that over a particular period of time. Problem is, it gets to a point where we just snap. Stress in general has a tendency of bringing all sorts of mental and physical illness. In a way, stress is a silent killer.

The main problem is. As long as our minds remain stuck in this painful state, we remain out of control and end up ruining our lives. It is in such states where people commit suicide or worse hurt those they love.

We tend to carry these habits into our adult lives and distract ourselves from being silent and still. Practicing mindfulness will allow you to be able to learn how to be silent, still, mindful, and learn how to slow down. In this event, we reconnect with our true nature and get our lives back on track.

Once you learn how to control the turbulence of distracting thoughts we reclaim the power of our minds. As a result, the mind remains in a state of deep happiness, still, and we mature to a state of being content from within.

Once we get to this state, whether or not inner critics arise, we will be able to rely solely on mindfulness and reduce stress and reclaim our compassion towards ourselves and peace of mind. Here are the some of the steps that will help you live a longer and stress-free life:


For starters stress begins from within, particularly from our brain influenced by some of the negative thoughts we allow to affect us. It is essential for you to learn how to observe your mind on a personal level.

You should train yourself to detach your negative thoughts and change the perspective to a positive outlook. You will realize that it is a great liberation when you are able to find and realize that voice in your head.

You need to understand that the voice in your head is not who you are, but the one who sees what exactly you are. Observation allows you to gain power of your thoughts and stir them in a positive direction.

Be Aware

You need to always be aware of what your mind is doing and study the reactions that your thoughts and physical reactions are creating. Unless you are presently and self-aware, you cannot move forward.

Understand that your state of unhappiness has not been influenced by the situation you are currently going through but your primary thoughts about the situation. Therefore, get a hold of your thoughts and be aware of what is going on in your mind. Separate the thoughts from the situation and experience it in a neutral manner.

Learn How to Let Go

This has got to be one of the toughest lessons human beings want to learn. Just like fictional stories, that’s all they are- stories. There is really nothing to it so what you have to do is let it go.

Teach yourself how to say yes to the existing moment. You need to realize that it is insane and futile to create an inner resistance to what is already happening. It is insane and unrealistic to oppose life itself which is always the present moment.

You need to learn how to say yes to life and surrender to what already is. If you do this you will notice how life will suddenly start to work out for you rather than against you.


Practice makes perfect! This is one of the truest and accurate statement ever uttered. You need to make watching your thoughts over and over again if you want to gain control of them. Make it a habit to practice kindness, compassion, love, and patience every now and then.

Once you realize that you are not the thinker, then you will begin to experience freedom. You need to begin watching the thinker and a higher level of consciousness will be activated. You will realize that a hue realm of intelligence is beyond thought.

You will also realize that your thoughts are only a small fraction of your intelligence. You will realize that the things that truly matter are – love, beauty, joy, creativity, inner peace and these arise from beyond the mind. In this moment you will begin to awake.

By practicing mindfulness over and over again, you will see the negative thoughts and begin to work against them and eventually let them go. Once you let go of the negative thoughts, you will create a room for a happier state of mind, and reclaim the peace that was buried underneath he ramblings of your mind.


If you want enjoy and thrive on the path to fulfillment and happiness you have to practice mindfulness.  This isn’t the kind of happiness that we get from buying new things, but the kind of happiness that has meaning and is long-lasting.

That said, observe what gives you distress and work towards making it better, cut off people who cause you more sadness than joy. If you are struggling with a drug addiction that has taken the toll on you, get yourself into the drug rehab centers near Golden or near your hometown. Whatever it is that steals your joy and inner peace, cut if off.

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