Whatsapp is one of the being fastest social media networks in India. There are many features present in the application and every year they introduced many things to the user. This new feature is that the user uploads videos and photos for their contacts instead of simple text message. This feature is introduced recently for the WhatsApp user convenience. With the help of this, the user can see many things in the friends and family members account. It is the true one to its performance as a messaging application. The user sends the GIFs, images, and videos in chats making to its functionality as a communication tool. The new feature is allowing the user to share the picture, videos and other things with their contacts that disappear after twenty-four hours. This feature is exactly cloned to the Instagram stories and in turn the same feature of the snap chat. The new feature incorporates the end to end encryption enjoyed by the user with the application traditional messages. The user receives the status with the own tab that located between the calls and chat tabs in the application user interface. The users view the status of the other user in a perfect manner.

Status update:

 With the help of the new feature, the users able to view the contacts recently update the status and the replies received on the own status. The users also have the option to adjust the privacy settings to make their Whatsapp status visible to the specific user in their contacts. The users also remove it from their contacts and regardless of whether they have already viewed it before deleting the contacts. The WhatsApp is initiating the new roll-out status feature and it is very soon available to all the WhatsApp users on ios, android and windows platform across the world. It is the most sensible features in the messaging platform. There are certain users simultaneously update the status in their account and also they select the default statuses present in the application. The users also set the own status and also search the status in the online sites.

How the new status feature works:

This application lets the user control to see the status update of the other user as well. In WhatsApp status tab on the ios, there is a privacy tab option on the right side. The users view the three options like the contacts, contacts expect and share with for making the story. In the android device, the status privacy option is present in the settings. The android users just tap the three dots on the top of the homepage of the Whatsapp application. This feature is just like the snap chat feature and views the status in a video format. The user just taps eye icon at the bottom of the status update to view the list of contacts that have been updated. The user also replies to the status update and the user can comment on any photo, video or other. This is sent to the status update of the thumbnail.

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