The earphones are nothing new to you. You all people know how the earphones look and what are the functions of the earphones. But you may know about the wired earphones that you get along with any gadgets like mp3 player and mobile phones. But the invention is not stopped at the wired earphones. There are a number of new inventions that has been launched. You may have heard of the bluetooth earphones. These earphones are single in number. You can connect the earphone with your mobile phone so that you can talk in call without holding the mobile phone near your ears. You can also listen music with these bluetooth earphones. But the negative point of the bluetooth earphone is the number of pieces. This is only one in number and you have two ears. You can get satisfied with the phone call connected to this device but you will not get that much of satisfaction by listening music with this device. To get rid of this problem the scientists have invented the invisible earphones. You will get to know about these earphones from the following paragraphs of this article.

Benefits of invisible earphones

These earphones are called invisible due to the size of these earphones. The size of these earphones is very small that it cannot be noticed very easily. You can listen music with it. You can talk within a call with these earphones. These earphones are also connects with a number of devices by taking bluetooth as a medium. This device gets connected to the mobile phones and also the mp3 players. But that’s not all, there are something more to be disclosed about the use of these earphones. Read the next paragraph to know about the new thing.

These earphones can be connected with the spy glasses also. You may not know about the spy glasses. This is a new invention of the scientists. The spy glasses can be used for a number of reasons. Later you will get to know about the uses of this spy glass from the rest of this article. The spy glasses can also get connected with the earphones about which this article was discussing till now. You can do huge things with the help of these two devices. The connecting medium between the two devices is the bluetooth again.

The combination of these two devices can also be used to give a speech without reading any paper. The earphones will help you to listen the speech. The spy glasses will help you to read the speech by displaying the speech. This combination can be used for another reason also. This reason is nothing but to cheat on exam. You can hear the answers with the help of these earphones and you can also read the answers with the help of these spy glasses. This is why these spy glasses are also called the exam cheating glasses. You can get good marks in the test without any preparation with the help of these spy glasses. This is probably the best method to cheat on exam because this method is not risky like the other methods of cheating.

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