Beard trimmer is one of the most purchased products online by men. Most of the men have started to somehow enjoy the feeling of having some hair on their face. Some enjoy the stubble look. This is an article for those who are looking to buy a good beard trimmer.

  • One of the things that you should be looking into when you buy a beard trimmer is that it should be a rechargeable product. Go for trimmers that have lithium batteries as these are generally said to have a long life.
  • There are so many cheaply available trimmers in the market, but their life span is very limited. Some of them will not even last for one session; therefore you will have to make sure that you pick a branded trimmer with at least 1 year Warranty.


  • You will have to look for a trimmer that has 3 to 4 detachable combs; this will make sure that you have a neat and clean trimming session. You can also look out for a trimmer that has blades made of carbon steel as this will generally last long.
  • Consider the price factor. Generally, cordless beard trimmers cost somewhere between $35 and $60. But you do have some really good quality trimmers for $45 from Remington and Braun brands with so many accessories such as additional comb attachments and also a nice looking case. If you consider buying a high end trimmer, you may land up spending anywhere between $75 and $100, but the quality will be top class. You will also get so many awesome accessories that are essential for your trimming sessions.

A beard trimmer will generally give you a decent look, though the edges do need some additional attention. Therefore, you may have to purchase a straight edge razor, which will give finishing touch to your trimming session.

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