Delusions, hallucinations and unacceptable social behavior are what characterize the mental disorder known as Schizophrenia. This is found in both children and adults alike. The common characteristic of such patients is that they tend to shy away from social gatherings and other humans, preferring to stay by themselves in their imaginary world.

The diagnosis of this disorder is quite different because it is the symptoms that are most pronounced at the time of diagnosis that define its categorization. There is a possibility of the symptoms changing and consequently the change of categorizing of the disorder, so, there are chances of the same person going through various sub types of schizophrenia throughout the entire duration of the mental problem.Image result for The Various Types of Schizophrenia

Treatment of schizophrenia cannot be done efficiently by just any doctor, you need to seek advice from a specialist in cases of mental problem, and this disorder especially needs someone who regularly treats such patients and has the experience and practice of doing so. Jonathan Lauter is a renowned psychiatrist who has a license for handling cases of child and adolescent psychiatry and schizophrenia. Among the other mental disorders he treats are bipolar disorder, conduct disorder, etc.

Clinical neurodevelopment is his forte of expertise and he has been treating patients with complete efficiency for the past twenty years and more. Along with his current designation of being a director of child and adolescent psychiatry at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, he also has a private clinic at Manhattan. The uncommon combination of warmth, smartness, common sense and commitment is what makes him so popular.

The paranoid schizophrenia is the most commonly known type of the disorder, wherein there is some kind of paranoia in the patient’s mind because of which they hallucinate and have auditory delusions. A sense of being conspired against is very common among such patients which leads to their irrational mood swings and want for importance and attention all the time.

Disorganized schizophrenia is one in which there is sense of confusion or disorganized behavior in the individual. Even simple everyday activities are found to be really tedious and difficult to complete by such patients. Though there are no episodes of hallucinations in this type, yet the emotional outbursts of these individuals are rather blunt and straightforward, and hence considered inappropriate at certain occasions.

The long years of experience of Jonathan Lauter have helped him understand that the brain is a chemically developed anticipatory tool. This tool is helpful in understanding both the inherent as well as the acquired patterns equally. This is why he known best how to handle patients with this disorder with utmost care and love.

The individuals with immobility, who mimic the posture of some other individual and stay in that same posture for a long, at the same resisting any attempt at changing that position, may be said to be affected by catatonic schizophrenia. Some other types sub types of this mentally affecting disorder are undifferentiated schizophrenia and residual schizophrenia.

Whatever the type of schizophrenia may be, the thing that these patients require is patience, love and understanding to help them overcome this difficult phase of their life.