T shirts have always been our best friend. Match it, flaunt it and walk with it, they have bestowed the ultimate glory and are a necessity we all rely on for the last minute dressing up! Innumerable women, with an edgy look, carry even a plain white t shirt with grace and incomparable charm and make styling look so easy and effortless. If you are looking for the secret tips they are all following by now, then this is just the right place for you. We are here to disclose the styling tips and tricks that will help you get the prowess over the latest trends and fashion. So keep reading to know more about how you can make a basic tee steal all the glances in a room.

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Opt for the perfect material


Yes, a perfect material is undoubtedly the first thing that should be kept in mind. There is a wide range of material which is used in the making of clothes. Most of the materials used are,however, quite uncomfortable. Where polyester and chiffon are popular for their well-kept appearance, cotton, Pima or bamboo are known for their incomparable comfort. Once the material is decided, carrying off a style will be a lot easier.

Taking Care

T shirts are something which we prefer almost every time over everything, no matter what the occasion is. However, it needs due care just like any other attire. Take a minute and look at the tag stitched to the t shirt which directs the userto how it should be washed or ironed. Different materials require different procedures of washing and ironing, which should be obeyed to increase the longevity of the attire.

Have The Perfect Fit

T shirts that you fit you perfectly give a heavenly appearance and accentuate the glamour even more. A perfect fitting t shirt effortlessly creates a style statement,where the other attires might fail to. Always rely on certified sites like bewakoof.com, jabong.com, flipkart.com, myntra.in which provide detailed size measurements, so that it fits you the best. For this, a few things should be kept in mind;

  • ‌The seams of the tee should be sitting on the shoulder without a slip.

  • ‌Check for the length of sleeves. Shorter sleeves are known to look fancy than the ones which extend midway to the elbow.

  • ‌Prefer tees that comfortably sits on your neckline without causing inability to move your arms.

  • ‌Get a trial and see if it is too tight or not. A perfect t shirt should not be too loose over the stomach to make it seem unkempt. Neither should it be too tight to make all the features noticeably visible.

The Styling


Provided the long list of tees available in the market, we often get confused on what to pair the t shirts with. Hence, here are a few tips to help you sail through:

  • V-neck t shirts


V-neck t shirts look better with pantsuits or can be matched with a pair of denim and a blazer. If you want to wear an accessory, always prefer the v-shaped neckpieces which sit well with the neckline.

  • Round neck

Round neck t shirts can be matched with almost everything, whether it’s aboyfriend-jeans or tight denim. Feel free to tuck in your tee for a little edgy look or let it loose for a casual day, or pair it with a skirt and see the magic unfold.

  • Fancy styles

T shirts can be easily worn with anything. You can always get a funky floral bottom or a tight pencil skirt, either tuck the tee in or tie it in a knot and stay assured of never getting disappointed.

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