Any synthetic supplement will have its own side effects due to the chemicals present in them and of course, depending on its usage, the side effects may be mild or extreme. It will also depend on the user’s health and how his or her body tolerates it. The same goes for phentermine which is regarded as one of the most effective weight loss supplements today. In fact, it is so powerful that it is mainly used by bariatric specialists who recommend the drug to their patients suffering from extreme cases of obesity. It might be dangerous if used irresponsibly and not under a doctor’s supervision.

The reckless use of phentermine can cause dangers

Phentermine may be one of the best solutions for obesity but it is only to be used strictly under the supervision of a physician. Doctors usually prescribe 15 mg of phentermine to their obese patients but it is administered to those who are so obese that they are not able to move or are suffering from life-threatening diseases due to their weight problems. Even for their patients, doctors prescribe phentermine only after checking their health parameters and the reasons for the weight gain. Usually, patients who have a greater body mass index are prescribed the drug.Image result for The truth behind phentermine dangers

Phentermine is a stimulant and that is why, it can pose dangers to the users when they take it casually without adhering to any safety standards. It stimulates release of catecholamine which leads to many effects, one being suppression of hunger. Phentermine may be habit forming. Also, it can lead to addiction issues because of its stimulant properties. The best benefit perhaps of phentermine is that it inhibits hunger and makes the user feel satiated. Thus, there are fewer intakes of additional calories which also contribute to weight loss.

The dangers associated with phentermine

Phentermine is not something which can be used for a long period of time as it brings about many adverse effects. Its working and chemical composition is almost same as amphetamines and thus there are many risks associated with it, one being addiction. Because of this property, phentermine is included as a Schedule IV drug and its use is regulated in many countries. As some users felt high on using it, phentermine can be bought only with a prescription.

If you are suffering from any medical conditions, you should not take phentermine. Patients with glaucoma, or any hepatic disorders or hyperthyroidism should not use the drug. Those with any kidney diseases or those who have had depression related problems should also refrain from its use. Phentermine is also not suited for pregnant and lactating women. They may take alternatives but only after consulting with a doctor.

Even if your doctor has advised you the drug, have a talk with them regarding its use and side effects. When taken as per the doctor’s advice, the drug does not cause too many side effects or can be safe because at every stage the doctor will check for any risks and will continue it only if it the body is tolerating it well.

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