The prices of new trucks continue to move up, and those people who can’t afford to buy new ones, or want to take advantage of the slight depreciation always go for the used trucks.

 In fact, the used trucks market is estimated to be three times bigger than the new-truck market. However, the process of hunting for a used truck isn’t easy. You’ll be dealing with thousands of used trucks ranging from those which are slightly used to others that have undergone extreme depreciation, and most of their parts including the truck seats may require instant replacement once you purchase it. Below are the top four factors to consider while buying a used truck.

The Warranty

A warranty is a critical component of a used Honda that you should consider before you decide to purchase it. Check whether the truck’s smog system and drive train are still under warranty. You should also confirm the mileage of the truck against its drivetrain and the federal emission warranty. Typically, higher mileage diesel trucks with an out-of-warranty engine will make you spend a lot of money on the computer and transmission repairs later on.

Always Request for a Test Drive

Once you make up your mind that you’re going to purchase a used truck, call the dealer and request for a test drive. This is the only way you get to feel the truck and test the comfortability of its truck seats and the overall interior. Request for more time behind the wheel and make sure that you love the truck before you finalize the deal. You should also spend some time in the used car while it’s parked and try to adjust the truck seats and determine whether the extra passengers will be comfortable in the truck and still have your regular cargo fitting well in it.

Crawl Under the Truck and Look Up

This should be next thing that you do after the test drive to check for any signs of fluid leaks. Remember the fact that any leakage under the engine may be an indication of a serious issue that requires fixing. You should also pay extra attention to the backside of the wheels for signs of oil coming from axle bearings and lousy brake lines.

Request for the Service Records of the Truck

The best way a seller can justify his/her claims about the truck is by providing a detailed service record or logbook accompanied with receipts of any work performed on the truck. Providing such dated records is a good indication that the seller isn’t trying to hide something from you and you can trust whatever he/she is saying about the truck. Visit Carsite for more info

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