Gone are the days of a shed simply just being a storage space for garden tools. If you have a shed or want a shed you can use it for a wide range of different things, the only thing holding you back is your imagination! If you don’t have a shed, consider if you have the space for one as they come in all different shapes and sizes. A garden will feel more complete with a shed installation. If you are considering getting one, there’s loads of Sheds in North Wales to choose from.

Here we take a look at just some of the uses for a shed, from the basic storage right down to full conversions.

Basic Storage

The original purpose of a shed was and still can be, to store garden tools and materials. This is great for several reasons,Image result for The Shed, the Ultimate Back Garden Utility Hut

  • Firstly storing everything in one place makes it easier to remember where everything is as well as helping to keep a degree of order to your things. It’s much easier to organise if all your tools are in one place.
  • In addition to this, storing tools and equipment out of the garden will also help them to last longer and prevent weather damage and rust.
  • Using a shed for storage space also frees up space in your home and garden.
  • If you use security on your shed such as a good padlock, you will deter burglars from trying to get into your shed.

Kids Play House

If you have kids, then turning a shed into a playhouse can be a great idea. You could even get the kids to help with decorating. It frees up space in your house and gives the kids somewhere to play with friends without getting your house messy. It’s a win win situation. What kid doesn’t want their own private space where they can do what they like and have the space to play and make a mess without being yelled at? To transform a shed into a play house you only need to take a few simple steps

  • Get the kids to help as they can designthe shed in a way that they like. They are also more likely to take care of something they helped to create.
  • If putting in a carpet, use carpet offcuts. Itdoesn’t matter if all the pieces are the same colour, most kids will probably like a multi-colour carpet.
  • Add a nice place to sit and some toys and they are all set!

An Outdoor Office

Alternatively if you have kids and want to get away from them from time to time, why not consider converting the shed into an outdoor office or mancave? It’d be quiet and you’d be able to concentrate on work. It can even be a place to relax away from the house from time to time, regardless of whether you have kids or not. It’s also a great place to study, especially if you have kids doing exams as it removes temptation from other distractions such as TV, internet and games.

It is far more practical to not have a full desktop computer installed in the shed, even if you do have proper security, either take a laptop out with you if you plan to use a computer, or you could forgo the whole digital thing and use the shed as a traditional office, using only pen and paper if you are able to. A famous example of an outdoor office is the shed in which Roald Dhal wrote many of his books. Just imagine what you could do!

An Outdoor Toilet

Before indoor plumbing became commonplace in most homes, outdoor toilets were the only way to go to the toilet. You may think to yourself, why would I want to have an outdoor toilet, when I have a perfectly good one indoors? Well consider these factors:

  • It will add a quirky unique feature to your garden.
  • It never hurts to have an extra toilet. Especially if you have a large family. How many times has there been a queue for the bathroom or arguments over who gets to go next?
  • Great for outdoor parties such as barbeques. If you want to keep guests outside your house, then having an outside toilet can help keep them out.

The most important thing to remember is that if you do decide to install a toilet, you will need to look into the materials you need, as well as hiring a plumber to plumb everything in and make sure everything is in good working order. You will be able to buy all your plumbing materials and get all your plumbing expertise from a reputable Plumber Merchant in North Wales.

Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget, a shed has an endless amount of possibilities. What ideas can you come up with?

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