Homeopathic medicine, an alternative system of medicine that believes in using substances that cause people to get sick to also cure people who are sick, is booming industry. Despite the ongoing controversy about whether or not homeopathy actually works to cure sickness, more and more people are using homeopathic products to make themselves well. But the question is: what homeopathic companies make the best products that really seem to work? Below are some of the most well-known and respected homeopathy manufacturers on the market today.


A public pharmaceutical company now valued at $852 million dollars, Boiron has been responsibly funding homeopathic research and creating an evolution in healthcare over the past 80 plus years. They believe there is more than one way to feel better and their Oscillococcium is a top-selling homeopathic flu remedy, among many other products, distributed in 59 countries worldwide.


Created in Geneva by Dr. Louis Ruetter, one of the leading researchers in homeopathy in the 1940s and 50s, Unda was once part of the massive Boiron corporation before going off on their own in the 1980s. Today they formulate, package and distribute some of the finest homeopathic healthcare remedies in the world, ranging between sprays, ointments, toothpastes, pills and homeopathic tubes.


A German doctor, Dr. Willmar Schwabe, began producing the standard form of homeopathics in Europe in the late 19th Century, creating over 700 dispensaries for his drugs across Germany and the rest of Europe. Over the 20th Century the company continued to grow and by the late 1970s, had focused most of it’s efforts on creating homeopathic products that come almost entirely from nature. It is still run by the fourth generation of the Schwabe family.


Lords is the largest homeopathics provider in the nation of India, which means they are providing for nearly a sixth of the world’s population, if not more. They were one of the first companies to introduce patent formulas and homeopathic cosmetics.


Allen Laboratories was founded by Dr. Sarkar Allen and specializes in the manufacturing of homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines and products. Known to use some of the most state of the art machinery and technology to produce their products, Allen has also expanded beyond homeopathy to personal care products like Arnica Plus and Tiofer for hair loss, as well as specialty products like Coex and Hoopex.


SBL was first established in the early 1980s as Sharda Boiron Laboratories, which was associated with the aforementioned Boiron pharmaceutical company based in Lyon. They helped make sure SBL’s laboratories were state of the art and up to international standards when it came to testing and production processes. Since then, they have grown in Southeast Asia as one of the most trusted homeopathic companies in the world.

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