Technology and invention has created many problems for the human civilization – there is no question about it. However, we humans also tend to take inventions for granted and try to misuse their abilities and bend their purpose. It is common to observe this from the most devastative of inventions to the most useful. For example, driving offences human beings commit either with awareness or lack of it. In both the cases, one has to approach a Mississauga defence lawyer to take care of the offence committed. For those who are not aware of the driving offences, here is a explanatory list of commonly witnessed driving offences –

  • Excess Speed –When it comes to speeding, there are many offences one could be charged with. According to Passi & Patel driving lawyer, based on the times of over speeding [1-100% more than the set limit] the motorist may get fine to prohibition from driving. This is a common mistake as speed limit varies from place to place. The best solution to avoid charges for speeding is attending awareness courses provided by the Government or go through the information online.
  • Careless or Reckless Driving – Ignoring the traffic rules or intentionally going ahead without bothering the well-being of others and similar deeds come under careless driving. According to a Mississauga criminal defence lawyer , based on the situation, any reckless move in the traffic can be deemed as ‘careless’ and lead to license cancellation or imprisonment.
  • DUI – The most common and dangerous driving offence is Driving Under the Influence. No individual shall exceed the alcohol quantities in the body while driving and has to be within limits. It is proven dangerous for both the motorist and those who travel on the road. Further, pedestrians can also be affected by a person driving under the influence. For such offence, it is difficult even for a Mississauga defence lawyer to handle the situation. As DUI gives more fatality rate than any other road offence, it is not taken lightly by authorities and the court.
  • Stunt Driving –The most dangerous way to harm the motorist is stunt driving. It involves performance of feats, getting involved in illegal races, stunts, altering the vehicle’s body or parts to perform stunts, rash driving, etc. These are growing day-to-day and the policies are very strict for stunt driving in the country. Most people are willing to participate or perform stunt driving, knowing completely that it is prohibited; therefore, motorists are stripped off their license after few warning. If there is loss of property associated with stunt driving, then it can lead to imprisonment and heavy fine.

In addition to these offences there are many driving offences one could commit while on road. A clear understanding can be retained by understanding the traffic rules and following them precisely. However, if one is caught in a driving offence act, then the individual has to enter the court with the assistance of a Mississauga criminal defence lawyer and move forward with the case.

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