The disease of addiction is highly selfish in nature.  If you are an addict, this often means that the “lenses” you see through are rooted in self-serving and egotistical views.  Addicts tend to have issues in relating to others because of this. So it only makes sense that if you are in recovery then you should begin to think and care more about others.  In a nutshell, this is the concept of spirituality.  It is the idea of placing importance on connecting with others beyond a single person. Not surprisingly, many addicts have trouble grasping this concept, but with practice, it can become part of their daily lives and they can have positive and healthy relationships with others.

Benefits of Spiritually

Without specifically “finding god”, spirituality provides comfort, support, reflection and a set of ethics that people can use to guide their actions.  This is vital, because addictions, even in recovery, can lull the person back into the ways of selfishness and poor actions.  So by practicing spirituality, good thoughts and leading that good life are in the forefront of their mind.  Without consistent spiritual engagement, the good thoughts and guides again drift away, allowing addictions to return.


Religion and Spirituality

The presence of spirituality has brought widespread success in recovery to those people that follow a particular set of beliefs, for example, Christian rehab centers and faith-based Christian rehab programs.  Religion and spirituality do share some common traits.  While religion tends to be more specific, spirituality is more fluid and easier to experience.  Another reason for the success at Christian drug rehabs is the shared common connection with others and the bonding that ensues.  People find support with like minded people and if you identify with a specific religion, it can be easier to find a connection to a higher power, instead of just the general practice of spirituality.

Why Spirituality Works

Many addictions stem from emotional and mental health issues.  In a general way, addicts have “hole inside of them”, that can come from a variety of possible experiences.  Perhaps they had a traumatic experience as a child, and suffered abuse at the hands of their parents, or experience a low self-esteem due to an event or their own misguided perceptions.  Whatever the reason, the addict uses their substance of choice to fill that hole.  This can also be called self-medicating.

When the drugs and alcohol are gone, the hole reappears and needs to be filled again.  Spirituality fills that hole.  Religious specific recovery programs, such as Jewish rehab programs or Christian rehab centers can help teach people to keep the hole full so to speak.  Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous rely on spirituality to guide day to day lives, while something like a Christian drug rehab gives a “double dose” in the form of Christianity and general spiritual practices that provides a solid foundation for individual recovery going forward.

Spiritual Lives Are Fulfilling Lives

Those who practice spirituality understand that it is about more than just finding god, but is about leading a good life.  It provides people with goals and purpose.  Opens viewpoints and positively affects interactions with all kinds of people.  It indicates a desire for personal growth and physical and emotional strength.  These concepts become positive actions and a component of daily behavior.  These actions can range from stepping outside yourself and helping others or can mean involvement in community projects and organizations.  Being spiritual is a way of being open to the thoughts and ideas of others and becoming a better person.  A spiritual person is a happy person.

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Alleen Wright