A recent article in Consumer Affairs notes that the operating lifespan of the American car has increased over the past few years. In times past, the average family automobile lasted about six years before it needed replacing. These cars required a lot of maintenance and people tended to skip these tasks, resulting in their vehicles wearing out after a short time.

Currently, a person can buy a car and expect to drive it for ten years before having to get it replaced. Thanks to current technology modern vehicles do not require as much care as they did in times past. For example, the tune-up is now a thing of the past for everything but an antique car.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect the regular maintenance of your vehicle. As with everything with a lot of moving parts, cars and trucks tend to wear out and need fixing once in a while. Regular maintenance not only will extend the life of your vehicle but will make being stuck by the side of the road less likely to happen.Image result for The importance of regular car maintenance

Of course, individual car maintenance tasks, such as changing the oil or checking tire pressure, can be done by the driver without too much trouble. But, as the My Garage Story blog notes, taking your car into service is like going to see the doctor for an annual checkup. Just as a physician is an expert in the way a human body works and how it can go wrong, a mechanic has the same expertise for your vehicle. Mechanics have diagnostic tools that are unavailable for the do-it-yourselfer and are of great help in tracking down potential problems.

Your friendly mechanic at Mooresville Ford will be able to check automotive systems like the air conditioner, chassis lubrication, the automatic transmission, the brakes, fuel and air filters, hoses, and belts, and fix or replace them as needed. Finding and fixing a potential problem before it causes a bigger problem while on the road only makes sense, especially from a financial standpoint. The savings on towing alone makes regularly scheduled maintenance cost efficient.

However, more important than cost savings and convenience is the fact that giving your car a periodic checkup will enhance your safety on the road. Brake failure, flat tires, or a problem that causes your engine to stop working can result in an car accident that could cause mayhem or even death.

A well-maintained car will also enhance its value when it comes time to sell it or trade it in for a newer model. Consider scheduled maintenance an investment in your vehicle.

If you want to set up a maintenance of your Ford vehicle or if you have a problem that needs fixing, contact Mooresville Ford.

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