EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency- many people are not aware of what it really is and how it is protecting the globe. The climate change and global warming issues have created havoc in all nations. It is important for the world to have a protection agency to issue rules and regulations for organizations to follow. The mission to protect the world and the globe falls on every one of us. The Government of the USA has taken an prominent initiative in

Jonathan Schrag is the Founding Partner of Hudson Strategic Energy Advisors and he explains the EPA in simple terms. The EPA or the Environmental Protection Agency is operated by the Federal Government in the USA. It is headed by an administrator appointed by the President of the USA and approved by the Congress Party in the nation. It has been formed for the primary purpose for protecting the health of humans and the environment. People should feel safe and secure on the planet and the Government of the USA is getting involved in a direct way showing it cares for the people in the world.Image result for The Environmental Protection Agency- What Does It Do?

What does the EPA do?

The EPA maintains and enforces national standards when it comes to the laws of the environment. The EPA is under the Federal Government however it has no power over the local or the state governments in the USA. Every state and local government is consulted when laws of the EPA are implemented. The EPA issues no directions to state or local governments when it comes to the implementation of the above laws however it does help them in every possible manner so that residents follow them. They educate the people so that they are aware of the potent threats they are under if pollution is not control effectively.

In case, the local or the state governments do not follow the rules set by the EPA, they are risking the increase of environmental pollution in the world. This will affect the climate and its people.  It is for their best interests that they follow the rules of the EPA for a better environment.

Do these rules apply to the well-being and health of human beings?

The EPA does not make or implement rules or laws for human health and well-being. It participates in many energy conservation and prevention of pollution programs to spread awareness about their mission. The Agency sets national standards and is willing to work with any business, government or organization with the goal of protecting the environment and its population.

Spreading information on environmental pollution

Jonathan Schrag says that half of the budget of the EPA goes to the environmental programs, non-profit organizations and other projects that help to support the goals of the EPA. The Agency develops and research on different strategies that control pollution of oil, air, water, pesticides etc. The EPA shares information and spreads knowledge when it comes to energy conservation and the prevention of pollution. It is willing to help any organization or body that is willing to join hands with it to protect the globe.

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