Traveling isn’t all just constant excitement and new experiences – there are going to be lulls where you are either waiting for your travel arrangements or you are on/in your mode of transport. These are the bits where you are going to need something to pass the time – a 12-hour flight starts to get boring very quickly if you aren’t properly prepared. Here are some of the best ways to stay entertained while traveling.


You are going to want to remember your travel experiences, both the good and the bad, and a great way of doing this is to write it down. The bits of your traveling when you are getting from one place to the next offer a natural point to write down the day’s events so far. It is also a relaxing way of articulating your thoughts and it exercises some creative muscles: it wasn’t just a waterfall that you saw earlier – it was a shimmering, blue cascade of water. However, writing can only be done well when you are on a relatively smooth mode of transport – choppy waters and rough roads are going to make it difficult for you to read back those lovely descriptions.

Read a book

If you don’t fancy writing some words, then you could always read some. A book is a classic way of passing the time when traveling. Books are easy to carry around (depending on which one you have chosen), won’t disturb other passengers (again, depending on the book you have chosen) and they don’t require electricity. When your Kindle runs out of charge, your book will keep on going. You can escape into a really good book, as it will transport you to another world where you can get lost in the setting and characters. You have got loads to choose from since books have been written for thousands of years. You could get stuck into some historical fiction on a train in South Africa or read the biography of Laurence Olivier while on a ship in the Baltic Sea.

Win some money

Traveling costs a lot of money, so why not try to win some back while you are doing it? There are plenty of games that you can play on your laptop, tablet or smartphone that could net you some big winnings. Games that you could win money from could be casino games, multiplayer games or even the lottery. The lottery is how you win the biggest prizes – hundreds of millions of dollars are up for grabs. You can now buy lottery tickets online at FreeLotto and other sites. The
FreeLotto feed will give you tips on how to win even bigger at the lottery.

Watch something

Advances in technology mean that we can now watch videos, movies and TV shows wherever we have access to the internet. You can now spend your six-hour bus journey watching several episodes of The Walking Dead or whatever else you fancy watching. Long-haul flights let you watch films to pass the time – though the choice isn’t always excellent, depending on the airline. Netflix and Prime Video give us a huge array of options to choose from when it comes to feature films and TV shows, and YouTube offers access to millions of videos about anything that you search for.

Listen to something

If you don’t fancy using your eyes, then you could just listen to something instead. Audiobooks are a popular way of passing time on long trips because all you need to do is sit back and close your eyes. You could listen to any number of books from various genres, some of which are read by famous people. You could also listen to a podcast about an interesting topic. There are podcasts about sports, food, politics, films, history, true crime and much more.

Music is also a great option because your favorite tunes can make your travel experience feel like a movie or music video, even if you’re listening to Vanessa Carlton on a bus. You could broaden your musical horizons by listening to some albums that you have always meant to – or ones that people keep going on about. You could also listen to some music that comes from the place that you are traveling to in order to get more of a grounding in its culture.

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