Most parents don’t consider the option of having their children study abroad. Enrolling them in their local high school is the normal choice, and it’s natural to assume that your children will stay close to their home country. But is this necessarily the best form of education?

There is a growing awareness among education experts that by allowing children the option of studying abroad, it is possible for them to benefit from a range of experiences and opportunities that would not be open to them in their home country. There can be many advantages to receiving an overseas education, and there is a growing international school sector offering a variety of establishments, from US schools in Hong Kong to an Australian International School in Singapore, that not only provide great education but can also help your child settle into a new environment. This is a particularly popular option for parents who move abroad for business or their career.

So how can an international school education benefit your children? Here are the most popular reasons why parents choose to have their children attend an international school.

Diversity of educational styles

The approach to education varies widely from nation to nation, and it could be the case that the educational system in your own country isn’t ideal for your child. For example, in the UK, undergraduates choose their major before they begin college, while here in the US, it is normal for students to study a range of topics in their freshman year. Sending your child to an international school may be a good way to find an educational approach that suits them.

Experiencing new cultures

If your child studies at an international school, they will have a chance to experience new cultures, be exposed to different languages and see a bigger side of the world. There is no doubt that travel broadens the mind, and by spending time with people of different backgrounds, children can learn a range of new skills that will prove useful later in life when they encounter colleagues and customers of different cultural heritages.  

Learning a new language

There is plenty of evidence to show that learning a new language can be beneficial for children. The positive effects include more rapid brain development and a boost to self-confidence, and the easiest way to learn a new language is to be surrounded by people who speak it. This puts children in the position of having to work to pick up new phrases and words, enabling them to rapidly learn a new way of communicating.  

Career opportunities

While studying at an international school, children will have the opportunity to form links with students, tutors and others from a wide variety of backgrounds who could later be in a position to help with their careers. Multilingual applicants are particularly popular among recruiters, and time spent at an international school will help to ensure that your child will be seen as resilient and well rounded, just one of the benefits of international schooling.

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