A personal injury isn’t something that is easy to deal with, nor is it impossible either. Given the kind of health and psychological concerns you may have to settle, it’s hard not to feel strained when you have to think about the financial and legal aspects of personal injuries as well. This basic legal guide to personal injuries could hopefully give you a general idea on what to expect should these happen to you.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s important to remember that travelers might be held responsible for expenses that they have incurred throughout their entire stay in the country including medical and hospital expenses. As such, preparing for an illness or an injury in a country is essential. Should an injury happen to you, however, here are some quick tips:


Status Check, Call for Help

Before you do anything else, try to calm yourself down and put things into perspective. Clear your head of all thoughts and focus on two things: your safety, and the safety of others around you. If you don’t think you have injuries and you can move, slowly move away from the scene of the incident and get to a safe place. If this is a car accident, don’t leave the scene itself as you may be charged with a hit and run. If this was an injury caused by a separate accident, then don’t the leave the area immediately. Get to safety within the vicinity.

  • If you’re with others, are they safe as well? Make sure other people who are involved are safe first before making any moves. If others are unconscious or have visible wounds, don’t move them anywhere. Instead, immediately call for medical assistance.
  • If you’re the only one with visible injuries, get yourself to a hospital and asked to be checked right away. If you need to buy medication, undergo therapy, be confined, or to stay longer than anticipated, be sure to procure copies of all records that say as such.


Get Documentation, Information

If you can move around the area, try to look for witnesses and people directly involved in the personal injury. Politely ask for their name and relevant contact details. This helps you have a means of reaching out to them should you want to pursue a case. This also helps your lawyers and insurers have people to communicate with for more information when necessary.

  • If this is an injury caused by something owned by someone, say a car or a construction site, ask for the details of the owner and relevant identification. For cars, these include car manufacturers and license details, while for buildings these include the name of the owner such as a person or a business.
  • It’s also important you get evidence from the scene as well. Aside from the documents you may request copies of, if it’s possible for you procure pictures of the scene from your phone, do so. This allows insurers and other authority figures to have a better assessment of what’s actually happened. You can take photos of the place where the accident occurred, your injuries per se, and any other damages involved. If by some chance there was something that caught the incident such as a CCTV camera, you may try to request a copy of that as well.


Seek Assistance From Authorities

Other important figures you may reach out to are the local police and your country’s embassy. This is especially true if you’re actually confined because of the injury as the embassy may have personnel who could help you get in touch with relatives back home, and they may be able to be of assistance in the situation.

  • If the injury caused to you may lead to a personal injury lawsuit, especially if it caused considerable injury on you and you had to pay a lot, it may be a good consideration to check with a lawyer if a case is a viable option. These instances can be tricky, however, as you are out of your country, which means the laws will be different.
  • Regardless, try to communicate with law enforcement that responded to the scene and try to ask if they can make a police report of the incident. You may then ask if you can have a copy of the report when it’s done. If there was no law enforcement response, you can go to the nearest police station and report the accident as well.



Remember, when it comes to personal injuries, always remember to keep things in perspective and look at it from multiple angles. Click here to get the support of a lawyer about this situation, as they may be able to help give you the kind of assistance you need, especially when things get overwhelming for you.

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