If you thought fibre broadband was only meant for office and commercial use, think again. It serves many exciting purposes even for your home.

Every smart home today is powered by the Internet. With several operators providing myriad plans with a large amount of data, you feel it is best to get a broadband Internet connection for the house. Most houses today have smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, desktop computers and Smart TVs. These different gadgets work the best with broadband.

But if you are getting Wi-Fi for the house, have you considered getting fibre broadband?

How fibre broadband helps

Fibre broadband, especially the kind of connection provided by Airtel with its superior V-fibernet technology, is the buzzword in home and office broadband today. It is speedy, has a robust network and always offers high uptime of about 99%. Plus, it offers astonishing speed of 300 Mbps, which are unmatched by other service providers.

Your home should ideally be powered by fibre broadband because it powers all your devices in a single connection, and it is a cost-effective solution to all your Internet needs whatever the device you use.

Here’s how a fibre broadband connection helps you at home:

* Do everything in a jiffy. A fiber broadband connection saves a lot of time when you surf because it offers super-fast speeds. Whether you use the Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone or laptop or tab, you can complete surfing, shopping, reading the news, chatting with friends and even downloading movies super quick. Just set up the connections as directed and get going!

* Pay your bills and shop online. Slow Internet speeds are a bane when you’re trying to pay your bills online. A slower connection results in the payment session timing out, which means you have to start all over again! Even online shopping can become quite tedious over a slow connection if the images of the products don’t load and the pages don’t get refreshed. Say goodbye to these niggles with a fiber broadband Internet connection from Airtel, which shows astonishing speeds of 300 Mbps and a 99% uptime. So pages, images and video load instantly and offer you an excellent surfing experience.

* Work from home like a pro. You don’t need to scout for a fast Wi-Fi connection at a neighbourhood café if you need to take the day off from the office but have to send an urgent work file. Your home Internet fiber broadband connection connects you at once and helps you work, make Skype calls, transfer money and do all your work-related stuff from the comfort of your home. In fact, you should consider using this broadband connection for your home office set up.

* Get some family time.Your busy lifestyle leaves you with hardly any time to catch up with your family members. You can hardly squeeze in a daily meal with your loved ones, so when you are at home, you want to make the most of your time together. A great way to do this is to catch your favourite TV show or a movie with your loved ones. Get your TV connected to the fiber broadband connection and you can collectively enjoy your favourite TV content together.

Get Airtel V-fibernet Internet for your home

Currently, Airtel is the only provider with the superior V-fibernet technology in its broadband offering. Apart from fast speeds and always-on connectivity, you can also upgrade to V-fibernet from your current connection, while getting an affordable plan with great features.

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