Next to your cell phone, you car may be the possession you rely on the most. People tend to spend a good deal of time in their vehicles and they can be as personal as their home. You likely keep it just so that it suits you and carries what you need, so it deserves a little TLC to keep it in top shape.

Good Working Order

The first and most important thing is to keep your car in good repair. Cracked belts or squeaky brakes are warning signs preceding failure. Fluids need to be filled or replaced and systems checked. A fender bender should always be taken care of right away to preserve the integrity of the car. If you are in need of an auto body shop Denver CO has a great one that can fix your car up as good as new.

Keep It Clean

Regular washing can keep dust damage to a minimum. Whether you choose a modern automated carwash or a good old-fashioned hose and sponge, the car should be rinsed first to loosen any small bits before scrubbing. Tires and hubcaps should be included in a good wash job. This is a good time to inspect for damage too.

A Clear Outlook

Don’t rely on the car wash to clean the windows for you. Use a good cleaner and make sure to get into the corners. This inside is as important if not more so, to prevent glare when driving. Wiping the inside down with shaving cream after cleaning can help prevent the windows from fogging.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Maintaining adequate tread is very important to safety when traveling. Get the tires rotated regularly to increase longevity, and keep them inflated to sufficient levels. This also increases their life, gas mileage and your safety.

Take care of your car as you do your home. A well-cared for car can be a source of pride and security.


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